Loop Playback ignores final repeat marks

• Sep 3, 2015 - 01:37
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Using musescore 2.0.2, I have a piece with phrasing AABBCC, obtained through using repeat marks around each section. The repeat marks work fine when when playing once through, but when I select Loop Playback, it only loops AABBC, i.e. missing out the final phrase.


Can you post the specific score you are having trouble with? I cannot reproduce a problem using the current development version (what will eventually become the next released version) and suspect this is already fixed - there were a bunch of changes related to playback of repeats made since the last release.

Sure, the score I had troubles with... it sounds like it has been fixed, as that code area has been touched. So at the very least you have something extra to put in the changelog for the next version. Can confirm the problem exists on musescore 2.0.2?

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No, something must be different about your score than the one I tried, because I see the same problem in the current development version as with 2.0.2 in yours. If I turn on loop playback, the last section is only played once before the loop back to the top.

I can confirm with 0f698fd, actually. Really simple—set the loop points at the beginning and end, press play (optionally increasing the tempo with the Play Panel). First section plays, repeats; second section plays, repeats; third section plays once, and then the loop takes you back to the beginning.

Actually, it's more complicated than that. It apparently also has to do with what other scores are open at the time. The flags showing the loop points are not necessarily drawn correctly either. Somehow it seems the loop settings from one score are affecting another.

I haven't had a look at the Cpp code, but taking a look at the xml file, it looks a bit strange, it doesn't look symmetric...

Start repeat:


{syntaxhighlighter xml}

... other stuff if needed



End repeat:


{syntaxhighlighter xml}
Which occurs at the beginning of the measure and not at the end...

Only at very end...

{syntaxhighlighter xml}



Also things I see odd in my file, the change of key signature for the final measure...

Sorry guys, new here. I'm having the same problem, I see a fix has been posted for this but I don't know how to actually fix it. Can anyone either explain or point me in the right direction?