Automatic Courtesy Accidentals

• Oct 19, 2010 - 03:44
S5 - Suggestion


In the attached example, I would expect a courtesy natural accidental on the "D" in the second shown bar, bar 15.



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This is more a feature request apparently. I'm not sure make the default to courtesy accidental is a good idea.

Hi, FWIW, Sibelius places courtesy accidentals automatically by default (not in parenthesis).

Lilypond did that too:
It had several "modes", from no courtesy accidentals at all, to everything with accidentals (mostly for 12-tone music), with several shades in between (eg. not including them if they were in different octaves or staves, or using parenthesis).

P.S. I haven't checked out the nightlies in a while because I can't download big stuff, so sorry if I'm missing something.

I would not place courtesy accidentals automatically by default. There are no strong rules, some users need them, others do not. But those, who need them, need them really!
A compromise: A function, that adds courtesy accidentals for a given score. I wrote one in Version 1.2 and could do the same for Version 2, may be in December.
Quite important: When importing XML scores, courtesy accidentals are removed! They should be preserved. I could care for that also, because I urgently need it for my work.

I would agree there is no need to do this by default, and adding the myriad options that would be required to make it sufficiently configurable would be a nightmare. But see #12496: Single-click courtesy accidentals. The idea of making of easier to add courtesy accidentals is solid and has some traction. The devil is still in the details.

And I do like the idea of a plugin to automatically locate appropriate places to add courtesy accidentals. My recollection was a plugin couldn't actually add them in 1.X, just identify candidates. Hopefully that has changed for 2.0. Having a dialog with a bunch of options for the plugin doesn't bother me.

Hi there. I am a beginner user on MuseScore and am hoping that there is a button I could click so that courtesy accidentals are placed throughout my score (which has not automatically made courtesy accidentals where they need to be). Is there such a button for me to click? I'm on version 2.0


Courtesy accidentals can be placed by clicking the accidental in the toolbar. If you mean a command to detect places where they should be added and add them all for you in a single click, there is a plugin that you can install to do this. See

BTW, in the future, it is better to ask for help on the support forum - eg, use Help / Ask for Help from within MuseScore.