Repeats in album

• Sep 12, 2015 - 11:10
S4 - Minor

If I create a score with album function, the repeat marks relate to bad place. Every movement has its own beginning, but the first repetition does not jump there as well as the Da capo. Every repeatual marks refer to global beginning. I think, that break section could work allso for separating of play controlling.


This may be fixed in the current nightlt builds. Can you post the score you are havin problems with and describe the specific problem so we can verify?

As Marc said, this is (or may be) a known issue with MuseScoere 2.0 (up to 2.0.2 at least) and if so is fixed in a recent nightly build (and may be in 2.0.3 if and when that gets released, but for sure will be in the next major official release).
Currently the jumps that use the (implicit) start and end marks (like D.C.* and D.S.) would use the combined album start and end (the first and last measure of the entire file) instead of the ones in their section.

In this context, let me notice, that repetition barlines work only, if you place them in possition of normal barlines. Not in the middle of a bar. I know it is no problem to shorten two consecutive bars and place the repetition between them, but then maybe should not possible to place the repetitions in the middle of a bar, because the meaning of graphic is not corresponding to the behavior while playing.