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• Oct 28, 2010 - 00:09
S5 - Suggestion

For the next version of MuseScore, it would be great if there was a symbol for unison between two lines. For example, if I am writing a solo accompanied by a group, sometimes the solo plays exactly what the group is playing. In the music I have seen unison is marked by two slashes (//) in place of a measure rest. Right now I have resorted to inserting text with "unison" every time the solo ends, but the symbol would make this much quicker and less ambiguous.


In this picture you can see the symbol I am talking about. It is also marked with "Unis." Later on that line the two parts play separately, but when they are together it eliminates having to write out the same part twice.

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As a workaround, if you really want the graphical effect you can hide the full measure rest (right click -> set invisible) and use two lines from the Lines palette to make the unison sign (double click on a line to edit its direction, right click -> properties to change the line width)
If you also want to right playback you could try to make the notes invisible.

See file attached.

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