Error with Single-Line-Staff Percussion Notation

• Nov 4, 2010 - 22:26
S2 - Critical

Hello Everyone,
I found a few errors while notating on single lined staff for snare drum using on Windows XP.
The errors involve either no ability to notate the specific staff or a total crash of MuseScore.

Here's how it happened:
I created a score involving snare drum. The staff loaded normally with one line as should be. I've never notated snare drum before but I was unable to add notes to the staff. I decided to get around this by creating a pianno staff as well, notating that staff and copying single pitched notes onto the snare's staff. This worked and playback ran smoothly. Then while one of the snare drum notes was selected I clicked the notate button. I recieved a message saying Sorry for you inconvienence... MuseScore has to close. I clicked okay and MuseScore crashed.

I set up another new score and both errors reoccured as explained. I've been using MuseScore for quite some time now and I absolutely love it. I hope the error is fixable and I would greatly appreciate any help in fixing it. This is my first post on this site and if anyone needs anymore information I'd be glad to add it.

Thanks in advance,


Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new score for snare and piano
2. Add a B to the piano, treble staff, center line
3. Leave note entry
4. While the note is still selected, choose Edit > Copy
5. Select a rest in the snare staff
6. Edit > Paste
7. Press N to start note entry
8. Click on the snare staff
9. Press R

--> Crash (not 100% reproducible)

Discussion: I tried about 10 times, it crashed after step 7 most times, after step 8 one time, and after step 9 one time.

Tested using MuseScore stable, Windows 7

(MCGenco: for instructions on writing for snare see drum notation in the handbook.)

Thanks for upping the priority, and also that section on drum notation was really helpful; I always wondered why there was an "empty" drum palette while working with other instruments. I hope the problem can be fixed, though it did come from some abnormal use. I'll check back incase there are any updates.

Good luck,

I love this program! I'm telling friends about it. It's not not even version 1.0 yet and its by far my favorite, and free. I'm impressed by the community here too, MuseScore is becoming a handsome looking program.

It's been 5 days since this has been posted, It sounds like it's being worked on, I was just wondering if there were any updates? I've dropped the old peice entirely, I just didn't like how it was turning out, but i figured it was important to make sure the error would be patched.


MCGenco, When the bug is fixed it will be indicated in this thread. Click on the "Subscribe" link at the bottom of the initial report, if you want to receive an email update for any changes to this thread.

Status (old) active fixed

The crash is hopefully fixed in r4172. Other bugs remain, notably the rest position is wrong for one line staves.

I have a solution. Follow my steps and you should be able to use any drum successfully.

1. right click on the measure you are trying to put notes in.
2. click " Edit Drumset..."
3. change "note head" from "Invalid" to "normal".
4. then give it a name.
5. click "load".
6. click the file that pops up and open it.
7. go to "display" and click "palette".
8. open the "Drums" tab.

There should be a list of notes there now. I'm pretty sure you can only drag the notes over to the measure to apply them. Then, you can use the original notes at the top of the screen to change the length of the notes that you already applied to the measure. I hope this works for you, if it doesn't, try changing some of the steps I provided.