[1.0-pre1] Shortcut menu inconsistent capitalization (etc.)

• Jan 13, 2011 - 12:29
Graphical (UI)

This is quite minor... not exactly a bug, but I do feel it is important to fix before the official release.

Just that the menu which talks about shortcuts is very inconsistent in what is capitalized and what isn't. For many, only the first word on the line is capitalized... for some, none of the words are... for some, all of the words are.

Additionally, 4 choices (Next/Previous Chord/Measure) are there twice.

R.3882, Mac 10.6.6



Changes to this are planed for the trunk (development) builds of MuseScore. However 1.0 is based off of the 0.9.6 branch so none of this initial changes appear in 1.0.

If you wish to contribute to effort toward making these all capitalized for the first word ("sentence case") in 1.0. You can make these changes yourself for the British English or US English "translations".
See http://translate.musescore.org/

Thank you for the reply
I am in the process of doing so, although the menu items and shortcut listing seem to both be under "action", which in some cases makes it difficult to tell which is which...
For example, I see "Insert Horizontal Frame", which is both in the menu and in the shortcut listing. Based simply on what is above and below it on the translation page, I am guessing it's the menu version, and should not be uncapitalized, but I don't know if I'll always be able to make that guess.

Edit: should I continue asking questions here, or is there a better place to do so?

ceegers, a "qm" file (on the "Download" tab of the translations website) is created once a day so you can check your work.

  1. Download the qm file
  2. Quit MuseScore, if it is currently running your computer
  3. Move the qm file to your MuseScore/locale folder
  4. Start MuseScore

Looking through the menus I noticed that "Layout > Reset beam mode" is incorrectly sentence case. I only looked briefly and haven't check every context menu (right-click menu).