[trunk] irregular measures not saved

• Jan 25, 2011 - 18:27

Ubuntu 10.04
Mscore 3944M

Make two irregular measures (3 and 4 in the attached png file). They have respectively 3/4 and 1/4 . Others measures are reported as 4/4, regular and 4/4 in the irregular fields

Save, reload The irregularity has been destructed. Any measure of the 12 is reported as 4/4 with 1/1 in irregular fields.

I think that the trick was possible with some previous version....I'll have a look to.

These irregular measures I use for lyrics edition purposes.


"my" 3944 is the nightly build one which in the about windows post "unstable prerelease to version 2.0, so I understand that it is not the "trunk" version. In http://bernsteinforpresident.com/musescore-nightly I don't see any "trunk" version....

is there a place to find one?

meanwhile trying to find the trunk version I installed a 3746M instable prerelease of version 1.0.0 and obtained the same phenomenon

then I just did
leleu@portable-leleu:~/musescore$ svn update
'.' omis
leleu@portable-leleu:~/musescore$ svn update '.'
'.' omis
leleu@portable-leleu:~/musescore$ cd mscore
leleu@portable-leleu:~/musescore/mscore$ ls
build Makefile Makefile.mingw Makefile.osx mscore wine.bat wrc.bat
leleu@portable-leleu:~/musescore/mscore$ make revision
leleu@portable-leleu:~/musescore/mscore$ sudo make install
[sudo] password for leleu:
cd build; make install

and obtained again the 3746M version

So at the time I'm not able to test (under Ubuntu 10.04) the same version as you

A clarification on the terminology: the trunk is the very latest development version (currently called 2.0 pre). The upcoming release of version 1.0 comes from the same stable branch as the 0.9.6 series. In preparation for a stable release, the prereleases for a stable version comes from a branch (where code changes are limited) not the development trunk (where large improvements to the code are encouraged).

Tested the same bug with 3950M windows nightly.

attached capture show two "regular" measures, but in fact they should be of 3 and 1 beats.
attached also the mscz file which give 1/1 for the real

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robert leleu, could you attached the files again--this time without pressing "Preview".

(There is a bug on the website that means the links to the files attached to a comment do not work if you press preview before you press save)

tested 9.6.3 (windows), which is not affected

Succeeded the following test:
Open a score with last nightly version 2.00 (Ubuntu), reduce measures, save as XML
The XML file crashes mscore

Open the xml with windows: correctly viewed; save as mscz
Open tis mscz with version 2.00: the score is OK, irregular measures are correctly seen as 1/4 or 3/4

not solved!
I have a clear exemple, whose file I attach.

The first measure of the first sung staff should be irregular 1/4: it seems correct at first configuration, but after reload is no longer, and is reported 1/1, and configuring again 1/4 make disappear the first measure... the graphical effect is not good, see attached png

Similarly the last mesasure of the same staff should be 3/4

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va pensiero.mscz 10.6 KB

Not only irregular measures are not saved, they are not managed correctly while they are empty.

My setup: trunk SVN rev. 3954; Windows XP, Qt SDK 10.04.

Steps: The attached PNG (one image is really worth one thousand words!) describes 2 processes showing that measures are corrupted if made irregular while empty, but are managed correctly if made irregular when not empty (.mscx files referred to in the image are also attached).

Hoping it helps,


P.S.: priority increased, as this leads to data corrupted or lost.

perhaps not so critical
I attach another score with irregular measures, integrally made with the last nightly build (trunk 3969)
Irregular measures don't disappear when reload.

Previous scores were mor or less "updated" from previous versions

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Hymne_du_10_aoûtalias.mscz 5.43 KB

I again made a score with irregular measures. It worked perfectly.
But pay attention if you have empty staffs: you must transform "default whole rests" in actual rests in each staff for the measure you want to make irregular.

So I think the bug is no longer critical, and change it to minor.