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• Jan 25, 2011 - 22:23
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I had put chords on my song. Using the ctrl+K on the first note and then go the whole song around with space bar. Then I wrote two/three lines of lyrics and then I thought that the chords were to high up, away from the staff, so I learned on a forum that I could go in on text properties and edit the y placement to 3-3.5 instead of 4. I clicked in the box apply to all. It worked on the first song. In the next project I did, it didn't work at all. When I tried to move the chords, first the chord I high lighted disappeared and the rest ended up somewhere amongst the staff. After that when I tried again, all chords disappeared! I stopped and saved. Next morning opening the two files, same thing happened on the second one and when I went back to check first one, all chords where up back where they were from the beginning.
I tried on two different computers one with AMD processor and Linux mint 10, the other one with Intel processor and Windows 7. Same result.
I have musescore 9.6.3

Kindly Veronica


I've had this same problem and similar issues with the chord symbols as well.

Here are the problems I can recreate.

If you have chord symbols written using the default setting (or whatever text style you had loaded before you began writing chords) and try to change either their font or text size, the chord symbols move down a few spaces for some reason, and idk why that is. You can still go back and edit their position either manually or with the text properties option, but I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work.

But that makes no difference after you save and reopen your project.

In regards to Veronica's problem, I've experienced the exact same thing. It seems that when you save and reopen a project, the chord symbols will disappear if you make any changes in the text properties window to them. It could be just one chord or all of them in the project. I've tested it a bunch of times with random new projects and the same thing keeps happening. The chord symbols disappear.

I'm having this same issue with my first score with MuseScore.

I right-clicked on a chord symbol, changed the font to 14-point Arial, checked the box to apply to all similar elements, and hit OK. It seemed to work.

Next time I opened the piece, the chords had reverted to 12-point Times New Roman, where they'd started. I tried to make the same change and the chords vanished entirely.

Now, even after many other revisions and saves and closes and opens, and power cycles of the computer (days later), if I right-click on a chord symbol, then hit OK, even without making any changes in the dialog box at all, the chord symbol vanishes. (If I check the box to apply to all similar elements, then they all vanish.)

Running 32-bit Windows XP.

It's a simple arrangement of a public domain piece, so no problem--I've attached the file, in case that helps.

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