Bad melisma layout after horizontal frame in middle of system

• Jan 22, 2016 - 03:26
S3 - Major

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: d54fb01

First reported in

1) load attached score - just a simple lyric including a melisma
2) select the measure containing the lyrics
3) insert horizontal frame

Result: melisma line is drawn to wrong location:


I assume the problem is that we are doing some layout relative to the "system" but the there are actually two systems here - the first has measure 1 & the frame, the second has measure 2-4 - and we are getting confused over this. It fixes itself on first layout (eg, Ctrl+A), so perhaps it is that we haven't yet computed the horzontal position of the systems yet upon adding the frame?

Marked "major" because the problem reappears if you save & reload, so it seems that something is corrupt, and attempting to print directly after laoding will go badly.


I forgot to attach the file, so I have done so here.

It appears to me that the code for the melisma layout is doing everything it needs to; the only problem is that it happens too early in the layout process. Here is where the it happens currently:…

I tried moving it a few lines later, after the syste / page / measure layout, just before the regular spanner layout. Seems to work, but of course I have no idea how safe that actually is. I have submitted a PR so others can weigh in: