Extra distance above staff changes on save/reload if staff is scaled

• Feb 10, 2016 - 22:17
S3 - Major

I am using staves for 4 instruments and trying to use a reduced scale for 3 of the staves while having one at 100%. Close layout can then be obtained - so that as much as possible fits on a page - by using a negative quantity for Stave properties > Spacing above stave for some of the staves. (Usually 2 or 3 of them.) The spacing looks OK on the screen with figurs like -6.23 or some such. (I do not know why it turns out such strange figurs using the up and down arrows).

When I Save then Load the score back the Space Above Stave returns as a very large negative figure such as -21.54 and the upper staves are all touching each other.

I have tried various negative spacings and the behavior is the same.

I appreciate that not many people may want to have staves of different sizes - the idea is that your "own" instrument is very easy to see while you still "get a feel" for the other parts even if they look a bit blurred.

Windows10 machine.
GIT commit: f51dc11


I am not sure I understand the reason you are trying to set a negative space setting, and wonder if perhaps you are misunderstanding something about how these settings are designed to work. But in any case, in order to investigate further, we'd need you to attach the actual score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Thank you for your reply. I have attached 2 files. The one with name ending in "100" had all 4 staves at normal size. The one ending in "60" has the top 3 staves reduced to 60% of normal size.

The reason is that you can then get more on a page. I am very much a "learner" at the recorder and need to hear the other parts and to see roughly what they are playing. I found that by reducing the scale of a stave to 60% then using negative amounts for the "extra space above stave" the score looked just right on the screen. However - when Saved and brought back the negative entry for the "additional space" comes back as an almost random number.

Maybe I'm just going about this the wrong way. I'm very impressed with Musescore and find it the easiest program to use - I've tried a few - and great for a learner. I've read some of the negative comments that have been made and just wonder how some people's minds work.

Thank you to all who contribute to this excellent program

Title Incorrect space above stave Extra distance above staff changes on save/reload if staff is scaled
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OK, I understand now, and can reproduce the problem from scratch:

1) My First Score
2) add a second instrument below the first
3) Right click the second staff, Staff Properties
4) Change "Extra distance above staff" set 5sp, and Scale to 50%
5) Save
6) Close
7) Reload

Result: second staff how has 10sp extra distance above. Each time you save / reload, the space increased by a factor of whatever the scale is.

Presumably we are applying the scale incorrectly either when writing or reading the extra distance.

What I'd suggest as a better way to do what you are doing - and work around the bug in the process - is to set the Staff Distance as small as you want (0sp if you want the staves literally touching) in Style / General / Page Settings, then increase the distance to the non-scaled staff. That way none of the scaled staves will need extra distance.