Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Cannot move number to another TAB string closed 5 8 years
Deleting a bar causes slurs in following bar(s) to disappear closed 7 7 years
Lines still show when Inspector "Line visible" option is unticked and "Show Invisible" turned off closed 11 6 years
Request for ornament support closed 2 12 years
Unable to change TAB 'clef ' - nightly R4233 closed 7 11 years
Liedtext zu Vorschlagnoten duplicate 10 2 months
Cb in tab staff exports to MusicXML with playback an octave too low closed 7 8 years
Deleting a line break in the middle of text automatically adds one at the end closed 3 7 years
Note entry crash closed 2 12 years
Percussion closed 8 6 years
Unable to enter edit mode on a line when properties have been changed closed 5 12 years
Save as PDF broken closed 5 12 years
[Trunk] Default SoundFont doesn't sound or appear in Synthesiser, nor does a chosen one appear closed 4 10 years
Suppressing time signature in stave properties does not affect score layout. closed 4 6 years
Crash on Linux upon changing I/O from ALSA to JACK closed 23 7 years
command line option -h doesn't work (i.e. doesn't show the help page) closed 8 3 years
Segfault when inserting note in attached file, linked pitch and tab staff closed 8 3 years
Undo does not restore former sizing of stem closed 3 8 years
Bad spacing between clef and first note when hiding staves closed 4 7 years
Add "cresc."/"dim." to text line "secret identity" of hairpins closed 4 6 years
[trunk] Wrong position of (some) note dots -- rev. 4355 REGRESSION closed 3 11 years
Adjusting triplets/ sextuplets to have a slope of 0 closed 3 8 years
Slur attaches to note in wrong voice after save/load closed 10 8 years
does not create properly an entry in a palette closed 1 7 years
Pasting image causes a crash closed 6 7 years