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Wed, 27 August 2008
 (diff) (hist) 11:26 Book Tienew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:24 Book Text editingnew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:22 Book Text stylemoved API
 (diff) (hist) 11:21 Book Text stylenew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:16 Book Temponew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:14 Book Slurnew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:09 Book Repeatnew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:07 Book Play modenew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:02 Book Palettenew API
 (diff) (hist) 11:01 Book Measure restsnew API
 (diff) (hist) 10:58 Book Lyricsnew API
 (diff) (hist) 10:55 Book Linenew API
 (diff) (hist) 10:53 Book Key signaturenew API
Tue, 26 August 2008
 (diff) (hist) 03:06 Book How to ask for support or file reportsmoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 02:53 Book Developers' handbookmoved David Bolton
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Mon, 25 August 2008
 (diff) (hist) 17:09 Book How to ask for support or file reportsnew Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 16:21 Page Developmentrevised Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 16:20 Page Developmentrevised Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 16:17 Book Developers' handbookmoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 16:16 Book Developers' handbooknew Thomas
Sat, 23 August 2008
 (diff) (hist) 19:38 Book Hairpinmoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 19:29 Book Framemoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 19:25 Book Edit modemoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 19:16 Book Create New Scoremoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 19:14 Book Clefmoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 19:10 Book Note entrymoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 18:40 Book Chord namemoved David Bolton
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 (diff) (hist) 18:28 Book Measure operationsmoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 09:55 Book Measure operationsmoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:54 Book Hairpinmoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:52 Book Framemoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:51 Book Edit modemoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:48 Book Cross staff beamingrevised Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:47 Book Create New Scoremoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:46 Book Clefmoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:44 Book Note entrymoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:42 Book Note entrymoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:38 Book Chord namemoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:36 Book Bracketmoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:35 Book Bar linemoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:32 Book Accidentalmoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:31 Book How to create a pagemoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 09:27 Book How to create a pagemoved Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 07:23 Book Accidentalmoved David Bolton
 (diff) (hist) 00:56 Book Framenew Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 00:51 Book Fingeringnew Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 00:50 Book Edit modenew Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 00:45 Book Drum notationnew Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 00:44 Book Measure operationsnew Thomas
 (diff) (hist) 00:40 Book Cross staff beamingrevised Thomas