Issue Hit List (Marc Sabatella)

This list is no longer maintained. See also the MuseScore 2.1 hit list .

This is my own personal list of issues I think are most important to address when we can.

Issues Affecting Current Versions

The following issues affect 2.0 and/or other releases on the 2.0 branch. Unfortunately, because the issue tracker does not distinguish which issues are closed with respect to a branch versus for the master only, it is difficult to be sure which bugs are fixed where. So I am attempting to track that here.

Issues Present in Current Release or Branch

Issues here either exist in the current released version or are regressions that exist in the current branch. Issues marked fixed here may be fixed for the master only and need to be evaluated for inclusion in the next branch release.

Within each category, I have divided the bugs into groups with the top group in each category representing the ones I think most important to fix in a branch release rather than waiting for the next release from the master.


These bugs make using a nightly build more or less impossible.

#88746: Impossible to save score after modification

Crashes and Corruptions

Bugs that crash the program or yield corrupt scores.

#99746: [GP6] Import of double dot causes infinite stems and leads to a crash
#99606: sporadic CRASH on exit in QNetworkConfigurationManagerPrivate::pollEngines() on unixes (corrupt stack?)
#99616: FreeType CRASH in Preferences Dialog when change a path using Native File Dialog on archlinux (x86+armv7a)
#99886: MuseScore 2.0.2 won't start on Windows 10 if Windows Firewall was not running during install - perhaps a meaningful error message could be generated?
#99096: Crash when removing start repeat from score with parts.
#99221: Corruption when expanding multimeasure rests after undoing the deletion of it
#96321: Corruption when viewing score with section break in continuous view
#96246: Combine lyrics even lines/lyrics odd lines leads to a crash after a copy-paste in another time signature
#97416: Toggle between clefs of unpitched percussion and pitched percussion leads to a crash
#97106: Crash when undo after save in a score with parts and courtesy key sig
#94711: Crash when saving after deleting a staff from grand staff in score with parts
#94911: Crash after deletion of a linked staff in a score with parts
#95076: Crash after a copy-paste chord symbols and Undo
#95391: Musescore crashes when using Groove Music in Windows 10.
#95826: Crash when switching scores, both in text editing mode, where the caret is on a line that the other score's text box doesn't hav
#95866: Crash when exporting to MusicXML
#91581: Crash when adjusting pitch of a particular note
#92306: [MusicXML] Crash when importing time signature containing Unicode private use characters
#92331: Changing voice of note causes other notes to disappear when rests are missing
#92626: Instrument swap corrupts time signature
#93116: gpx - file containing ottavas crashes MuseScore
#93911: & in Volta text corrupts score
#87021: Crash on saving results in complete data loss (Version: 2.0.2, Linux)
#5098: Notes not transposed when copied by notehead
#85656: Crash when adding an arpeggio or changing the note value
#89636: Crash on change duration (and other operations) after delete part and insert or delete measure
#90161: Crash by appending measures after create/delete parts
#91271: Crash on save after creating new part from score with connecting barlines with parts selected in bottom-to-top order
#89106: hang/crash when saving and reopening attached file
#90766: Issue during creating horizontal frame
#91471: Crash on load of score with horizontal frame taking an entire system
#91351: Adding Chord Symbol with Part containing linked Staffs causes overabundance of linkedTo and Harmony elements
#91536: Ctrl + Shift + drag causes a crash for the figured bass symbols
#91911: Custom palette crashes on creation, when "more elements" is checked
#87331: Crash involving multimeasure rests and Ctrl/ Shift/Del keys
#86636: MusicXML import of tuplets yields elements with zero duration, resulting in corruption/crash
#88021: [GP] Time signatures with compound-time are corrupted in .gpx format
#88221: Crash when creating tuplet out of note with hyphenated / extended lyric
#88291: Shift left/right command in note input create corrupt timing if durations do not match
#84351: Crash when saving with instrument name selected and continuous view
#84806: Crash in Tab staff with cursor by adding higher note values to those in the standard staff before crossing the barline
#85046: Crash when adding/removing an instrument in Continuous view after autosave
#85836: High tempo marking crashes musescore
#83266: Repeat measure from MuseScore 1.3 is not imported correctly in MuseScore 2
#83606: Copying passage with cross-staff slur causes a crash - see below
#84241: Between-voice slurs cause crash when pasted - see above
#83446: Closing a file after multiple delete of ties in file imported from MIDI causes crash
#83441: Copy-paste a set of chord symbols > 2 before the last measure leads to a crash
#82346: MS crashes when insert a measure (incorrect handling of the [Measure]<tick> tag)
#82866: Corrupt score and crash when creating from template with linked parts
#78556: Album segfault {2parts-excerpted}.append( {1part-notexcerpted} );
#78521: SegFault when append two scores that don't contain any actual Measures
#74746: Diatonic transpositions incorrectly handled for transposed instruments [reproducible]
#81091: tpc corruption adding notes after transposing Instrument change
#81371: Layout that leads to the encounter of two frames causes a crash
#81451: [Capella Import] corrupt file when importing capx file with pickup measure
#81731: Crash when repeatedly pressing Shift+A
#72051: Reset text to style causes html escaped sequences to disappear
#75991: Split a measure in direct relation (time duration) with some tuplets owned to another staff causes crash
#78361: Custom text not reflecting in parts right after changing the style
#78231: Copy/paste a chord symbol into a fretboard diagram causes a crash
#77366: Crash on tie between notes on different staves with cross staff notation
#75861: Time signature change by double-click and after selecting a rest in a minimum 2 pages score causes a crash
#74881: Crash on copy/paste with mmrests
#74946: Crash / corruption on copy/paste with end segment in mmrest
#75036: Repeat twice a measure before MM rests causes a crash
#75116: Dragging breaks & spacers in an empty space in a score with hidden empty staves causes a crash
#75071: mscore -F does not delete ~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore2.ini.lock, causing musescore to freeze whenever try to modify the .ini
#75106: Crash With Figured Bass
#74021: Crash on Transpose if frame text selected
#50686: Slur saved wrong when from low staff to second voice; crash on paste
#71876: MusicXML file import causes crash
#72206: [MusicXML] Corrupted import if key signature is no minor or major
#72211: [MusicXML] Import of Harmony and Forward/Backward create corrupted file
#71076: Duration flags in TABs are selectable (and cause crash on delete)
#70836: If scores containing pre-generated parts are joined using Album, then each part of joined score only contains 1st score.
#70416: crash when having a two-notes tremolo between two 16th notes (or lower value) when their beams are set to none
#70571: [GP] Crash on a gpx file import
#69566: Corruption importing MusicXML file with irregular triplet
#69206: Crash on copy of invalid tuplet
#70201: Key signatures transposed incorrectly in parts
#70146: Explosive accents on Guitar part with linked tab staff
#70226: Entering an articulation/ornament after the deletion of a linked staff in a file with part causes crash
#67711: Duplicate / corrupt lines on save/reload in file imported from MusicXML
#63226: Crash on autosave after deleting staff from instrument in score with linked parts - see below
#57136: Adding new staff to existing instrument does not appear in linked part - see above
#62416: Changes to staff transposition (and other properties) not reflected in linked parts
#59341: Crash while attempting to add notes to a percussion stave with non-drumset sound patch

#99146: File > Save Selection… leads to corrupt score if selection is not 4/4 and does not start with time signature
#56721: Crash on undo of mmrest with courtesy signature
#51626: Copy/paste to/from passage with local time signatures produces corruption.
#51271: Issues adding local time sig to score with parts
#50511: Crash on new plugin when opening plugin manager and if link is present
#62106: [MusicXML import] DOM parser crash loading The Stolen Child full score.xml

Loss of Work

Bugs that can cause a potentially significant loss of work, such as properties that can be set but are not preserved on save/reload.

#97931: Custom barline at start of system lost on save/reload
#97826: Extra distance above staff changes on save/reload if staff is scaled
#33541: some elements can get marked invisible, but this doesn't get saved, so is lost on reload
#95416: Dynamics not saved for staff other than top if system flag set
#95636: Lines extended with Shift+Left over more than one measure not saved/restored
#75826: Offset settings of barlines are not saved
#85956: Note on drum staff moved via arrow key changes pitch on save / reload
#75816: Spaces lost between words with text markup
#46036: Clef on first note of system becomes header clef after save and reload
#69271: Arpeggio and strum offsets in TAB not saved

Potential Incompatibilies

Bugs (eg, layout) where it seems likely the user will attempt a workaround that will end up producing incorrect results once the bug is fixed.

#99136: Bracket adds space to margin even when hidden with empty staff
#34341: Request for new tab-specific notation for hammer-on etc.
#97176: System spacing is inconsistent above a vertical frame
#94546: Bad layout of articulations and slurs
#95616: Caesuras positioned 1sp too high by layout code, and specified to be 1sp too low in MScore/Emmentaler font
#92846: Position of measure numbers on one-line staff should be relative to top of barline, not top line
#63856: Rehearsal mark at beginning of system should stay within margins
#84156: ottava in voice 2 is attached to whole measure rest in voice 1
#84571: some EmmentalerText and GonvilleText symbols (e.g. quarter rest) render too low when mixed with 'normal' text (like FreeSerif)
#84881: Grace notes attached to beamed cross-staff note laid out incorrectly
#53271: Rests under a beam: beam should retain slope, rests should be moved to fit
#81321: Slur anchor wrong
#81111: Stems length of beamed notes change with layout
#79716: TAB: scale change in staff properties shows wrong stems length of unbeamed notes
#79466: REGRESSION-TAB: vert. pos. of value symbols does not follow score scale
#71901: Seconds misplaced on beamed cross-staff notes
#70906: REGRESSION: Slurs in tab staff with stems are badly centered
#69846: Ties and slurs have a mirror effect by entering two voices in Tab/standard linked staves
#63561: TAB - Modified stem direction - don't work properly

#81121: Dynamics and Hairpins overlap
#87966: Bowings should always appear above other 'articulations'
#84206: A volta at the end of a system includes the courtesy key signature
#84866: Extra distance above staff not applied when next staff up is hidden
#73731: Bad note spacing with user modified beam on chord with seconds
#69291: Stems are too long on small chords with beams or hooks/flags
#65221: Wrong width of last system once fill threshold exceeded
#53401: Lyric margins and spacing not well-preseved importing 1.3 score


E.g., cases of commands producing incorrect results.

#99656: Elongated note stems by moving beamed note before predecessor (using horizontal offset of *chord*)
#100181: cursor.addNote doesn't update internal segment reference
#100286: Pitch Wheel event at beginning of an SMF causes import to lose tracks
#98756: Scaling of symbols in part set to scaling of full score
#99091: Dynamic appears in score with part's text style, and vice versa
#96486: [GP6] Grace notes are not imported
#89791: Reordering parts with new part moves wrong part, and other problems with Parts dialog
#94336: Footer doesn't seem to use kernings of fonts
#21891: SFZ with space in sample paths cannot be loaded
#95051: Bad melisma layout after horizontal frame in middle of system
#95366: [MusicXML export] end repeat missing in multi-measure rest
#95371: Images in title frames don't always propagate to parts
#95226: Printing problem with page zero
#96096: Staff-properties option not available for translation
#90736: Import tremolos between two notes from Finale MusicXML
#93031: MusicXML export error
#53696: Export as audio gets stuck at 99% with some file and some soundfont.
#93316: Slurs loses connection to notes if keyboard used to change pitch of notes
#88376: MusicXML export does not export clefs after removing first measures
#89401: Deletion of the first measure removes the time signature in parts
#8997: Hidden instruments re-appear when clicking outside the stave of visible ones
#90631: Error in playback of glissando with 8va
#90891: QML Measure.firstSegment and Measure.lastSegment seems inverted
#90831: Windows not visible after screen resize on netbook
#91341: Imports from *.gpx files play wrong drums sounds
#91656: [master] Pinch/spread to zoom in or out starts with abrupt zoom to larger size
#21649: [MusicXML] Repeat measure sign not exported or imported
#86921: [GP] Dots are not displayed in .gpx format
#87001: [GP]: Empty scores when opening .gpx files, related to layout
#87266: Metronome plays eighth notes if pickup measure has actual duration of 1/8
#88036: [GP] In a multivoices context, Voices 2-3-4 are lost in the .gpx format
#88061: First verse lyrics in voice!=1 throws off automatic staff spacing
#78636: allow insert Measure, VBox, or HBox before a VBox or HBox
#84106: Wrong barline in linked tab added onto a note or a rest
#84876: Selection does not expand properly when starting from the last measure
#85161: [MusicXML] non standard dynamics are not exported correctly
#85856: Piano renders as percussion on SMF import with Yamaha XG SysEx block
#86266: Mismatch between Bend properties and Tremolo bar properties
#83276: Right to left languages are not handled correctly
#83281: Deleting a "long" char from text messed up the text
#83286: Unable to apply tie if grace note found in higher numbered track
#83381: [musicXML import] incorrect handling of unusual octave-shifts
#81906: joined scores from album lose line alterations
#83561: [MusicXML Export] invalid MusicXML for prallprall line
#83651: Layout issue related to frames and courtesy time signatures
#82566: Note properties (small, head group, etc.) not linked between score and parts
#82021: Text hinting causes ugly output
#42121: Slurs lost on exchange voices (if no note in other voice at anchor point)
#78996: Toggling 'Drumset' twice in Mixer loses instrument and leaves some note heads as crosses
#81616: Instrument names can be marked invisible but this is lost on save/load
#74561: Slurs in Tabs with stems should be note head side rather than stem side.
#74801: Custom palettes not working on OS X
#73966: Staff spacer down on first system of page affects spacing of previous page
#73821: 'Toggle rhythmic slash notation' doesn't propagate between score and parts
#72901: Brackets for accidental do not propagate to linked parts
#73051: Lines: End handle won't respond to shift + left arrow in certain measures
#70236: MuseScore won't import properly from music XML files with no staff names
#70366: Time Stretch modifications for articulations break tempo
#70531: Appended frame inactivates Page Up/Down and End keys in continuous view
#70791: Export to audio does not respect Synthesizer settings unless saved to score
#70706: Measure changes position inexplicably / score layout differs between systems
#69221: 8va text reverts to default 12 when other "line properties" are changed
#69646: Erratic behavoir when applying slur or haripin to a septuplets
#69836: Changes to text line not reflected in linked parts
#70101: [GP] A file containing a part with a Capo indication is not played properly.
#70181: Trill line playback always applies to voice 1
#70251: Export midi for parts doesn't work after export to MSCZ
#68806: Bad barline spans with one-line staves after hiding / removing spanned staves
#68021: Changing time signature with linked staves overrides manual adjustments
#65161: Da Capo/Da Segno al Fine ignore next section on playback
#64641: Modfying the jump targets of jumps like D.S. are not linked between score and part
#64636: "add to measure number" is not linked between score and parts after reload
#64626: Allow making staff invisible staff in excerpt/part
#64046: Korean input method on windows doesn't work currently with Shift
#63041: 8va lines can't be reduced in septuplet
#46861: [MusicXML] Add support for melisma in import and export
#62341: Chord symbols don't transpose when changing instrument/transposition in staff properties
#59291: [MusicXML export] System-crossing clef change not exported
#59846: Playback Mixer: soling & unsoloing a second instrument makes it sound endlessly
#47216: Instrument change uses sound of original entry for all, except last
#22914: Instrument doesn't play properly after undo removal
#32696: Section break causes pause before repeats and jumps during playback

#100481: "Reset Beam Mode" work on all staves of the selected measures, not just the selected ones
#14131: [MusicXML] Import of nested tuplet does not work
#98136: [MusicXML import] extra instrument when importing multi-instrument part starting with rest(s)
#43966: [MusicXML import] testMultiInstrumentPart.xml imports as single instrument part
#71896: [MusicXML import] Guitar part with both regular and tab staff imports with two tab staves and incorrect notes
#72721: Lines still show when Inspector "Line visible" option is unticked and "Show Invisible" turned off
#98761: Deselecting a staff not possible via shift +up/down
#98816: Wrong tie direction in chords related to the pitch of two adjacent strings in Tabs
#21448: Note Entry cursor not aligned with upstem note on small stave
#99356: measures cannot be combined or splitted, if the file already has parts
#95806: Changing "scroll pages horizontally/vertically" preference does not affect linked parts in open score
#96386: [MusicXML import] testSlurs2.xml failure
#98171: Unexpected visible/invisible ledger lines depending on visible/invisible notes
#97376: Split Measure breaks slurs and ties
#92856: Plugins cannot really substitute underlying chord/rests
#4867: Rests in measures should be grouped according to time signature
#93976: QML calls to functions with Enum parameters ignore the provided parameter
#20911: [Capella import] file with title results in several vertical frames, 2 containing nothing but a #
#95341: Tablature shown as treble staff in "Instruments" when Clef is hidden
#18144: [MusicXML] Straight arpeggio don't export
#95576: Artifacts after leaving edit mode at zoom <100% since DPI/FreeType changes
#92336: Grace note Glissando ends cannot be adjusted with the Shift + arrow command
#57611: no automatic scrolling while undoing note entries in Continuous View
#93271: [MusicXML import] Markup text displayed in copyright
#92871: MusicXML note head "filled" element not imported or exported
#90811: File name not exported correctly
#93191: Bend tool: notation and layout problems
#93946: "reset text to style" button does not work with dynamics in inspector
#64871: fonts are not embedded in the PDF on Mac, leading to much larger files
#19871: Playback of tuplets is incorrectly affected by swing-feel
#88756: Lyrics entry mode: too many non-indispensable enabled actions may result in un-typable characters.
#89281: Two staves, one hidden—barline shown at beginning of each line until relayout forced
#89216: extra notes heard with some sf3 sound fonts
#90696: "Reset Text to Style" does not reset "Size follows 'Staff space' setting"
#89576: Lines do not respond to "Reset Positions" applied to range selection
#14884: [MusicXML import] [trunk] import error: 45e-Repeats-Nested-Alternatives.xml: repeat start missing
#89866: Ottava are not respected by piano keyboard when playing
#89951: Deletion of the key signature when removing the first measure
#90226: System brackets and connected barlines made a mess of when new instrument added in the middle
#44956: Empty bars with text not visible when hiding empty staves
#87696: Rewind while playing loop should rewind to beginning of the loop
#28376: Request method to specify that key signature being added is already transposed
#91056: BPM field in Play Panel is not immediately synced
#86646: User lines do not preserve correct appearance when saved to palette
#86916: Changing a default voice for (base)drum entry changes shortcut from A to L, which is then unusable
#88316: Slurs wrongly positioned in TAB when notes are set to "Above lines"
#88741: Selection lost when inserting bars with multimeasure rests enable
#71256: Issue in 2.0.2: Bagpipe embellishments inaccurate when used on bagpipe score
#84271: Footer text collected from MusicXML credit words shows added syntax from in MuseScore 2.0
#84296: Kind text from MusicXML not shown if kind definition "other" is used
#84676: Figured Bass: continuation line not scaled to page scale
#85401: Ottava in custom palette loses customized text in Line Properties when double-clicked onto score
#85481: Prompted to save before closing unedited "My_First_Score"
#85631: Range select -> "Notes" button in Inspector includes grace notes in list selection, disabling Inspector
#85641: Fingering: position resets to default when symbol is pasted to another note.
#85786: Export then import of Music XML file gives score with no notes
#85781: Selection dialog box can't select note ties by voice
#84416: Allow long note groups to scroll or pan in "Create Time Signature" dialog
#86106: Error in moving multiple dynamics marks
#86346: Midi Import with tuplet
#83141: [MusicXML import] note with print-object=no still has visible stem
#83601: [Mac OS X] "Full Screen" menu item does not update (check/uncheck) when entering/exiting full screen
#82381: No sound with replace pitches using keyboard, built in piano or external MIDI
#82671: Copy pasting a single lyric syllable doesn't work
#76101: if join a score without non-generated clef at start via album, then add initial clef before appending
#78416: Tempo text oddities in score with linked parts until save/reopen
#78591: Undo of Change Instrument does not work
#79396: Slash fill in percussion staves, voices 3 and 4
#81286: TAB: scale change in staff properties shows wrong dot size
#81456: Unpredictable results when copying time signature from one measure to another
#81501: Copy-and-paste text from external program results in loss of characters after "&" symbol
#75311: Shortcut conflict—"p" dynamic glyph and Plugin Creator
#81716: Staff properties window not refreshing correctly after Instrument change
#77181: Linking two Tab staves cuts playback
#77376: Trills and other ornaments play incorrectly on tied notes
#76531: Include spaces in chord symbols
#77396: Allow clef change after barline (for repeats)
#78261: Text repeat applied by double-clicking does not obey text style.
#78216: Courtesy Time & Key Signatures should not display on final measure of section if section break occurs on non-measure MeasureBase
#78196: Courtesy Clefs should not display on final measure of section if section break occurs on non-measure MeasureBase frame
[#78101] - ?
#76006: if insert clef to measure after single-measure system with section break, then should not display courtesy clef
#75416: Score's part name (if present) linked when generating parts
#75486: Toggle mmRest, position view not repositionned to last measure selected
#75026: "sff" not kerning properly with Bravura and MuseJazz
#75566: Loop Playback ignores final repeat marks
#74171: Implement "cresc." dashed line as alternative to hairpin
#74816: No Playback of articulations in Tablature staff
#11196: Chords and ties on keyboard entry
#28916: '+' key doesn't work to create tied note after leaving and re-entering note entry mode
#58246: Entering chords that cross a measure via MIDI does not tie entire chord
#47596: when replacing pitches without changing rhythms, unable to enter chord on tied note
#74871: Note Groups settings in master palette not saved when adding time signature
#45361: copy/paste and "R" do not delete slurs or lines in target measures
#21438: Ties need to break at key and time signatures
#74921: Export midi file does not observe any pauses (e.g. Caesura & Section Break)
#22994: Cross staff grace note incorrectly positioned
#74961: Initial octave way off during note input after mmrests
#58061: Beam direction of uneven triplets wrong
#33481: Problems with kerning—too little space to the left of, too much space to the right of "f" dynamics in Emmentaler text
#73486: 1-measure repeat at end of section causes repeat list to continue afterwards
#73496: if single measure section at beginning of score followed by a section with an end repeat, then end repeat goes to start of score
#73531: if ending measure has jump (DS or DC) and repeat (:|), then that final |: repeat :| is taken after DC/S but shouldn't
#73806: SECTION_BREAK on non-measure MEASURE_BASE does not incur pause before starting next section
#73801: SECTION_BREAK on non-measure MEASURE_BASE does not reset measure numbering in next section
#69866: The cursor navigation stops at each measure end in Tab staff when voices > 1
#73876: Tablature: unable to put cursor on grace note in note input mode
#73311: Grace note ties ignored in playback
#71826: some multi-staff glissandos play incomplete
#71721: inverted mordent in baroque style should be a short trill
#72491: Palette lines applied by double-clicking won't "reset to style"
#71306: Hairpin "Height" and "Continue height" fields do not initially respond to input
#70541: Artefacts in bar number display in continuous view
#70641: Overlapping Articulations Cancel
#70636: Trill "Pause" At End
#70001: Switching of playback devices is not recognized
#70016: Incorrect playback of cross-staff trills
#64536: Lines with right aligned text appear to split during drag, and other buggy behaviour
#68456: Bends are out of tune
#68511: Diagonal (straight) line layout issue if there is end text
#68271: Double click uses ottava symbol in Emmentaler whereas drag & drop does not
#66586: Applying palette line to multi-voice staff displays only Voice 1 anchor positions
#66741: Ottavas: "Line properties…" displays the wrong value for font-size
#65851: Very high notes on contrabass do not play in FluidR3
#65676: Ties omitted between chords with unison notes
#65401: Inserting / appending horizontal then vertical frame causes system to split
#65311: End repeat bar misplaced at end of system on score with smaller scaling
#65011: Reset All Preferences to Default removes essential keyboard shortcuts; fixed on restart
#64831: Time signature deletion removes other elements
#63121: Tool windows become unusable if they were moved to a secondary screen
#61581: The use of tab key to separate text - words/letters - causes problem for export PDf
#61336: No sound in MuseScore 2.0.1 on windows, due to wrong preferences
#60736: Combination of beams and slurs works badly with two voices in Tab staff common
#49856: Glissando not copied if destination staff has links
#29986: Ottava notes from music staff do not translate correctly to linked tablature
#50316: Concert Pitch modifies layout and forgets key signature in one line - the key signature layout issue
#50391: Continue of line begins at wrong place
#49776: Glissando too short from grace note to the first note of a measure in TAB
#16278: Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks - may have to live with this
#31046: style settings for repeats - evaluate at least
#38966: [Import] Objects ignored on playback
#37116: Tremolo channel not exported to audio
#14953: [Trunk] Changed Mixer settings not aurally retained after viewing other scores
#52391: Key / Time Signature Courtesy option (and delete) ineffective with Multimeasure Rests
#58091: Instrument name gone when switching order of staves with "Hide empty staves" enabled
#57396: Moving Instrument Name text enables edit mode, but changes do not apply upon exiting edit mode
#57231: Note anchored textline displays twice by overlap in linked staves
#56541: [Play panel] Beat counter show number wrongly when has pick-up measure
#56526: Bracket problems
#56471: Lyrics in one voice affect hypen positions in other voices - if appropriate?
#56411: Undo after changing text style does not restore everything
#54501: Tied enharmonics incorrectly notated
#53021: Undo doesn't work after extending barlines if the last instrument is hidden
#52906: Can't paste lyrics into tuplet

Issues for Master Only

The following issues do not exist in any branch, which is to say, they represent regressions caused by code added relatively recently and not merged anywhere but the master. These issues thus do not affect users except those experimenting with builds from master.

#99796: Linked staff becomes unlinked (causing corruption) after delete of part
#96881: Vertical scrolling: wrong result, or/and inability to enter notes with mouse in score with staves >1
#93131: Navigator does not follow vertical orientation when vertical page orientation is selected
#93236: Page orientation “Vertical”: enter notes with mouse fails from a page > 1
#93126: Dotted line to anchor when dragging element points off page when in vertical orientation on page >1
#94081: System Dividers do not get inserted when translated
#88066: When opening MuseScore the zoom level is not correct
#74536: [Windows] Too much space between the "f" dynamics in Emmentaler text.
#75316: Adding parentheses leads to an unexpected result
#75026: "sff" not kerning properly with Bravura and MuseJazz
#74911: Exclude system dividers when generating parts from score
#74906: Add "cresc."/"dim." to text line "secret identity" of hairpins

Fixed and Released

The following are fixed for the branch as well as the master unless otherwise noted.

Released in 2.0.2

#69161: [GP] Issue with barlines in Bass parts
#45221: Layout changes after action
#32886: In Continuous View, the last visible measure is moved under the continuous panel
#68131: Stave properties window cannot be resized (and default size needs to be "minimum")
#37346: Can't enable Pan roll during playback
#68041: Zoom to 100% command (and shortcut)
#68331: Lines other than ottavas should not start at accidental
#68466: Lines in empty measures change length on toggling multimeasure rests
#63176: Note input cursor glitches for voice >1 when advancing into gaps
#68956: Barlines disappear in one-line drum staff when reducing span - new when hiding/unhiding staves
#68921: Reordering instruments within barline spans creates "custom" barlines that won't extend properly
#41786: Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked (or not) staves.
#68946: metatag $n in PDF of parts+score should be constant equal to total number of pages, not cumulatively increasing with each part
#60791: A time signature change deletes all voices >1 in Tab staff with linked staves
#67516: Add traditional Ped / * line to Advanced palette
#67621: Repeat dots show on hidden / empty staves for multi-staff instruments
#65996: Creating joined score with less instruments/staves in subsequent scores vs. the first yields corrupt score
#67031: Copying measure with gliss spanning into next bar copies gliss but doesn't display it
#67836: Transposition of score by key gets incorrect interval if first stave is unpitched
#60491: Frames can be set to have 0sp height or width, but this is not saved
#66576: Opening a score createted via "Save selection" of a linked staff causes a crash
#66321: Some default bends type are badly displayed
#59301: Deleting measure with clef change corrupts clef map
#63231: Changing "Actual Measure Duration" under a volta causes crash
#66441: Continue last session plus StartCenter doesn't work
#65786: Crash or loss of data on save/reload on paste to text frame
#54221: Horizontal frame before last measure of system creates crowded layout
#29686: Positioning, angle and length of tremolo between notes incorrect
#45356: manual position of a line (8va, cresc., etc.) not preserved on copy/paste
#66776: "V" shortcut does not affect the ties and slurs which extend on the following system
#64141: Add "Whole note = n" to tempo texts
#65066: Score elements not deselecting after "select all" option
#66826: Key change not displayed at start of system with "Generate key signatures" off
#67026: Parts do not pick up articulation applied with keyboard shortcut
#62091: Musescore crashes when selecting all notes and switch to voice 1
#67001: Crash on opening file with apparently invalid note anchored textline
#66946: Null/Empty/Invalid Jumps should either not interfere with playback or should report error
#58821: Shift+left arrow key from single selecion before multimeasure rest leads to range selection up to end of score
#63961: "Fake" barlines on score missing on some instrumental parts and disappearing completely after a save.
#60871: Adding Time Signature at Clef change ignores new clef while still showing it
#64251: Adding ornament on tablature causes crash
#66076: When entering note too long for measure, tie not created in linked staves/parts
#65861: Copy paste of single chord symbols does not transpose
#65421: straight arpeggio down plays notes in wrong order
#66276: My First Score shifts from A4 to Letter after load in USA (or Canada?)
#66241: Grace note offsets in linked TAB not saved
#66061: A score creation with two instruments and linked staves is corrupted immediatly after entering a note
#65961: Dotted Line to Anchor Text
#65831: Links and manual adjustments to bends not saved
#65116: Metronome is wrong if 4/4 after 2/2 (equivalent time signature)
#65041: Breath marks cause spacing problems with chord symbols
#64961: Drum parts have the same MIDI port
#64911: Repeats display with space when clef is removed
#64861: Linked tablature fret with dot doesn't display bracket
#64856: Accented characters at beginning/end of lyrics ignored with respect to alignment
#64696: [MusicXML] Wrong midi port when exporting Instrument Change
#64506: Repeat measure reports as corrupt when saving online, corrects itself on save / reload
#64266: Fretboard diagrams do not remain attached to staff at the correct location
#64241: D.S. from within repeat bars to a Segno outside crashes on playback
#64206: Repeat Measure sign in one staff of multi-stave inst. causes repeated playback of all staves
#64201: [MusicXML import] corruption caused by whole-measure rests with type whole
#64041: Problem writing -^b9
#63096: Text not kept when moving (cut-paste) an existing rehearsal mark
#63786: Tuplet text style applies only after save and reload
#63711: No naturals appear for change to open/atonal key signature
#63706: Dynamics and Tempo: reset to style in text properties produces a wrong result
#63676: Follow text for tempo should work if the style of the text is changed
#63561: TAB - Modified stem direction - don't work properly
#63481: Symbol lines and symbols ignore small staff size
#63366: Naming new workspace: slash, asterisk, etc. not escaped or filtered; write of workspace file fails
#63081: Crash in repitch mode entering note in voice >1 with no chord/rest at cursor
#62506: [MusicXML import] crash editing The Stolen Child full score.xml
#62236: Apparent corruption on copying a two-note tremolo across a barline
#61476: Corruption reading empty measure with 7/4 actual duration
#61061: Crash when scrolling in panoramic view and mmRest
#60931: Deleting multiline text in frames cause crash
#60891: Split a measure by selecting a rest or note beginning on the first beat causes corruption
#59226: [Musicxml import] crash if notations on rest
#59161: Crash on importing 1.x score with slur without start chord
#63641: Hitting Enter in Page Settings with "OK" button highlighted instead does "Apply to all Parts"
#62961: Double-clicking hairpin in palette with list selection causes X number of hairpins to all be stacked at the exact same position
#62956: Regression in MuseScore 2—clicking note then shift-clicking measure leads to list selection instead of range selection
#62276: Viola da gamba in 2.0 missing pizzicato and tremolo channels
#61106: "Reset Stretch" Does not affect mmrests if more than mmrest is highlighted
#60746: Symbols appear at wrong height for staves > 1
#60651: Fret conflict shouldn't be exported to PDF or printed
#60631: 2.0 nightly - No line number reported in MSCZ XML errors
#60571: Select similar spanners in a range selection doesn't work
#60486: Color of voice selector in Staff Text Properties is not the same than in toolbar
#59766: Stems do not align with DO and TI note head
#59316: Instruments marked invisible should not get shown in the create excerpts dialog
#49246: Some elements duplicated on time sig change
#53081: Respell pitches mode adds note to chord when input is by mouse.
#59861: Tick "stemless" in measure properties for an irregular triplet and dotted notes causes a crash in Tab staff
#59176: crash when running "Add/Remove Line Breaks" against score or part with multi-measure rests turned on
#58971: Changing voice of grace notes creates corrupted score
#58926: Pasting image causes a crash
#59171: Pressing a key in Piano Keyboard window sustains indefinitely (if sound supports it)
#59881: Check "stemless" in Measure Properties works badly in Tab staff
#59821: shift+letter adds note according to current cursor position rather than position of added note
#58796: Bracket and instrument name misaligned to one-line staff
#57261: multi-notes tremolo not played back correctly
#50011: Continuous View—part names overlap
#43181: First instrument names misplaced in continuous view when barlines are joined

Released in 2.0.1

#57646: Segment-attached element in Voice 2 causes corruption in Voice 1 on copy and paste
#57226: Crash pasting chords symbols from different staves
#56951: Starting playback with repeats in a certain order causes a crash
#56651: Crash when importing/previewing MIDI files with high division value
#55446: Split staff in parts with slur causes a crash
#55501: [MusicXML import] crash if midi-instrument is missing from drum set part
#54506: Infinite program loop while playback with looping tie of death
#54196: Regression after 2.0 - Score with pickup measure are corrupted when reopen
#53266: Corruption pasting into a sequence that ends in the middle of a tuplet
#52506: Split Staff on particular slur crashes MuseScore
#51776: crash on OVE import with grace notes
#52131: REGRESSION: Preferences | Shortcuts: Detection of conflicts ignores shortcut states
#51881: Measure number mode not preserved on save/reload
#51876: Crash navigating into multimeasure rest using Measure Properties
#51201: Voltas don't respond to CTRL-R
#57496: Section Break pause properties don't stick if set to 0.00sec
#53931: Customised slide position is not read correctly.
#53751: Shorten stem are not read correctly
#52936: 8va with Bravura or Gonville not read correctly
#52926: Tremolo position
#52386: symbols added to "Repeat measure sign" measure will disapear on reload (win & linux 2.0)
#51886: Enharmonic change made using "J" on concert pitch instrument not saved
#53506: MuseJazz font line spacing too wide
#51721: Staff miscentered vertically when set to 1 line musescore 2.0
#54556: Multimeasure clef position bug
#54346: Clef in part is offseted when system text is present in pickup
#53461: Respell Pitches command changes only concert pitch spelling, regardless of current state
#53196: Chord Symbols on Multi-Measure Rest NOT Transposed to/from Concert Pitch
#53161: Notes created by extending chord over barline are not tied to the correct notes
#51761: Slurs & lines disappear or move in the non-rewritten measures on add of time signature
#57556: Arrow key / transpose (and others) commands don't obey selection filter
#56216: Can't save a score from within a plugin
#53346: [MusicXML import] incorrectly cannot handle the time elements "symbol=normal" attribute
#52511: Musescore 2.0 resolves DC al coda before repeat bars.
#56151: Switched instrument not muting on solo
#55411: Cross-staff tuplet number collision avoidance is incorrect
#53856: 2.0 First barline offset when using "staff spacer up" icon if top stave hidden
#53341: Undo doesn't works after appending a frame
#52101: Mordent/prall playback ignores key signature
#56556: Dragging a volta on a staff other than the first causes problems

Bugs Postponed During 2.0 Development

These bugs were submitted against builds prior to the release of 2.0. For the most part, that means if they are open, they are still open on both the master and branch. Issues that seem particularly important to address in the branch are duplicated in the lists above, so for the most part part, if a bug appears in the list below but not in the list above, that means I do not consider it a high priority.

The issues below are divided loosely by feature category, although for some this is not clear (eg, a bug that involves copy & paste between linked staves).


These are what I consider to be the must-fix ASAP bugs - generally, regressions caused by a recent commit.

Crashes and Corruptions

I would love to see 2.0 release with no known reproducible crashes or corruptions. I am a bit loose with my definition of "corruption" here. In addition to issues with overlapping chordrests or gaps in voice 1, I am including anything that creates artifacts you cannot get rid of in a straightforward way.

#51271: Issues adding local time sig to score with parts
#41796: Crash when adding a Global time sig into a measure which is in Local time sig
#51146: The change of a time signature before an inserted frame causes corruption
#51101: Crash deleting key signature with linked staff
#50826: Add system text and undo causes crash in score with multiple parts
#50681: Crash when editing the drumset
#47396: Crash when changing drumset
#50511: Crash on new plugin when opening plugin manager and if link is present
#50621: Crash on deleting all similar element "Line Break" on this score
#50461: 7-Tuplet does not copy correctly


Key Signatures

Time Signatures

Linked Staves / Parts

#49856: Glissando not copied if destination staff has links

#49001: Adding system-flag to text does not affect linked parts (or move text to top staff in score) - maybe just document
#41731: Tuplet bracket initial drawn too low on page in parts if no title frame in score
#34426: Copy paste issue with lyrics and TAB


#29986: Ottava notes from music staff do not translate correctly to linked tablature - may have to live with this

#49756: Changing staff type of 1.3 score to tablature retains treble clef
#43651: Note not displayed during drag on tablature staves
#43401: Undo of F2 command does not return tab notes to original strings
#32286: Fret marks in linked staff not centre-aligned to noteheads until saving, closing and re-opening - see below
#30001: Standard stave layout of adjacent notes mirrored in tablature - see above
#20512: Add capo support to tablature staff
#29846: Unable to produce tied fret mark in Note Entry

#31366: Wrong triplets numbers/brackets in linked staves (Tab + standard)
#31341: triplets numbers/brackets don't show when there is a linked TAB staff
#29236: Tie direction for chords on tab staves non-deterministic? - need steps to reproduce
#38406: Some chords are wrong in linked Tab staff if the entry is made from bass to treble in the standard staff. - probably will settle for how it is


#45676: When toggling loop make the screenreader read what status the loop is in (enable/disabled)
#47276: Position slider in play panel returns strange value
#47286: Play panel position labels not accessible
#47301: Screen reader should say if a checkbox is checked or not


#45356: manual position of a line (8va, cresc., etc.) not preserved on copy/paste
#45626: after making large adjustment to slur, it becomes extremely difficult to select
#45361: copy/paste and "R" do not delete slurs or lines in target measures
#5098: Notes not transposed when copied by notehead
#34526: Special characters and newlines are not pasted correctly in edit mode

Score Editing

#23473: Notes and rests shorter than 128th do not display or copy properly
#41786: Bar lines too short in tablature after amending linked (or not) staves.
#49246: Some elements duplicated on time sig change
#43681: Entering CJK characters fails on Windows - improved, but could be better?

#24436: Changes made in Text Properties do not affect all selected elements
#49121: Time signature change deletes glissandi
#47596: when replacing pitches without changing rhythms, unable to enter chord on tied note
#47356: Change of time signature removes subsequent section break
#46351: F2 transpose does not respect key signatures
#46596: Adding staccato to a group of chords fails on chords with even number of notes when using shortcut
#44336: Text over multi-measure rest doesn't appear until clicking elsewhere
#43906: Support for entering 256th, 512th and 1024th notes/rests
#42121: Slurs lost on exchange voices (if no note in other voice at anchor point)
#39496: Voices 2-4 not padded with rests when lengthening a measure
#32791: Cannot move some staves in system with hidden staves
#30096: Changes to advanced style properties in tablature causes clef in Instruments to change
#25251: Unable to create barline after undo
#28886: Full measure rest created in next measure if changing length of chordrest in voice 2,3,4 creates rest at end of measure - see below
#29871: No way to create full measure rest in voice > 1 - see above


#50686: Slur saved wrong when from low staff to second voice; crash on paste
#50316: Concert Pitch modifies layout and forgets key signature in one line - the key signature layout issue
#50391: Continue of line begins at wrong place
#49776: Glissando too short from grace note to the first note of a measure in TAB
#16278: Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks - may have to live with this
#31046: style settings for repeats - evaluate at least

#30971: Instrument name of multi-stave entry doesn't appear with hide empty staves and if top staff is hidden
#43306: while dragging a full measure rest, it gets displayed to far to the left
#41346: Image is loaded from previous file
#40381: Stem direction changes upon action
#22641: Bad layout of cross staff ties
#35831: Uneven spacing between drum clef and rest
#33931: Some Emmentaler note heads don't mix and match their stems
#21310: Hyphen too high
#33246: Hyphenated melisma requires too much space - see below
#5261: Lyrics for melismas should not respace notes if there is room before next syllable - see above
#22994: Cross staff grace note incorrectly positioned
#19633: Stroke of acciaccatura collides with ledger lines
#14822: Show barline at beginning of measure after hiding measures
#25168: Instrument labels incorrectly placed after hide empty staves is unchecked
#25922: Right aligned text does not align correctly - might be fixed?


Aside from crashes, these are (obviously?) less significant overall. I have highlighted the ones I think most worth fixing for 2.0, but I would not necessarily consider them "musts".

#47216: Instrument change uses sound of original entry for all, except last
#22914: Instrument doesn't play properly after undo removal
#38966: [Import] Objects ignored on playback
#37116: Tremolo channel not exported to audio
#32696: Section break causes pause before repeats and jumps during playback
#14953: [Trunk] Changed Mixer settings not aurally retained after viewing other scores
#42356: Pedal playback remains on if pedal line ends at closing repeat bar
#35006: Jumps ignored after first jump. - see below
#23773: After the coda, a repeat mark was a neglected playing. - see above

#32956: Crash when clicking on notehead during playback
#12559: Clicking page then playing produces opposite effect
#21592: Exported audio doesn't play loaded soundfont
#31631: Cannot use SFZ and non-GM soundfonts on percussion instruments
#31271: FluidR6 GoblinSynth sound is causing polyphony overflow in the Fluid Synth (Windows)
#33861: Prevent the playback of trailing rests - evaluate
#24246: Playback of piano notes is non-legato - mostly addressed
#23063: No way of controlling gateTime at present in nightlies - exposing to plugins would still be useful

Other Program Behavior

#50706: Opening score from the OS creates two entries for the same score in the recent scores list
#50561: Entering note entry mode jumps me to the beginning of the score...

#42011: "View" menu is disabled if no score is open
#37796: After import of MIDI or MusicXML file, next "open" starts in bad folder
#35611: The navigator and the "display position" are not updated when deleting all measures
#34551: Non-ASCII characters in style name not handled correctly
#34676: "Edit Text Styles" dialog needs a "Delete" button
#34306: Default keyboard shortcuts for staccato and decrescendo cause neither to work
#33201: Add strings harmonics circle notation
#32476: Dotted line at end of first segment of continued line goes to bad location if endpoint is on different page
#8997: Hidden instruments re-appear when clicking outside the stave of visible ones
#10217: Add option to preserve all staves of multi-stave instrument
#30051: Option to retain brackets for remaining stave in group after hide empty staves
#35301: [Mac 10.9] Crash at startup, with certain proxy settings and "Musescore Connect" enabled
#30851: Short and tick barlines do not always "stick" on saving.
#47871: [Mac] Spotlight for help search field not visible when using language different from English - Qt issue
#30061: Wrap-around features in Text Line properties in 1.3 score - may be by design

1.3 Compatibility

These are bugs that affect how scores created in 1.3 work when loaded into 2.0.

#50441: cross staff beam has wrong stem direction in imported v1.3 score
#26936: Issues with cross staff notation in 1.3 scores with flipped beams/stems
#14784: Issues with cross-staff beams & slurs in imported 1.3 score
#19197: Non-5-line drumset stave lines incorrectly positioned
#25671: chord leading/trailing space from 1.3 score ignored upon import - we may decide to live with this

Other Format Import/Export

#49686: Guitar pro import creates corrupted file
#46786: Crash when deleting key signature in part from a GP file
#22805: Crash on Guitar Pro import

#50451: [Guitar pro] Parts for grand staff instrument contain only one staff
#35151: [GPx import] Missing clef in MusicXML generated from file in #34781
#44226: Initial key signature not transposed via dialog on imported MIDI file
#43756: export fingering to musicxml format is not correct
#42281: [MusicXML] Title converted to copyright on import if positioned at bottom of page
#30651: [MusicXML Export] slur from grace note to normal note incorrect
#40366: Tab staves created in Guitar Pro import do not show in instrument list, can't be deleted
#36681: onTimeOffset moving a note start before the beginning of the score causes corruption during MIDI export
#36816: [MusicXML] import assumes beam=NONE if no beam information
#33406: [MusicXML Import] Incorrect barline height of staves with less than five lines
#33261: [MusicXML] Ungraceful handling of a tie when next note is not the same pitch
#30776: [Guitar Pro] Inaccurate representation


These are either not reproducible or solved partially but perhaps well enough to be considered closed. They will deserve another look before release fo be sure.

#42341: Local time signature change results in corruption - "fixed" for now by disabling the operation
#18943: Request for implementation of optical spacing - mostly fixed
#38011: Changing zoom from combobox doesn't update the blue rectangle in navigator - mostly fixed
#28366: Tempo texts are aligned incorrectly - still not ideal
#25278: Chord symbols won't overlap barline - might be good enough?
#19332: Can't apply bracket to 1 line drum - not reproducible?
#29451: Dots don't appear on tab/full staves - not reproducible?
#25674: Layout shift on first layout after load - not reproducible?
#25675: Beaming changes after two layout operations - not reproducible?
#25370: Crash on print of file with copyright symbol - not reproducible?
#17188: Changing time signature removes repeats and voltas - not reproducible?
#14365: make default page size locale-dependent - might be good enough now?


A few things we need to remember to do.

#42041: Add menu mnemonic - File / &Export, etc
#25462: Audit all import filters for the new TPC1/TPC2 construct - at least partially done

#42916: Style sheets need to get updated to latest file format - might still require another look before release

Issues to consider ASAP after 2.0

Any of these could be worth considering for 2.0 if we had no concern for time, but I understand these are too large to be worth the risk.

#9345: Playback of slurred notes
#9352: Add ability to set transposition by range
#25248: Add ability to explicitly break links between linked staves/parts
#14129: Lyrics Above Staff

lasconic's list

lasconic has his own similar list - actually, he has tagged the issues directly in the tracker. Here is a listing of the issues he has tagged "2.0":

Fixed Issues

Since I began tracking issues via this "hit list", a large number of them have been fixed. Of course, some fixes introduced new issues, but many of those have been fixed as well. The list of fixed issues is long enough to be distracting when one wants to focus on the issues still open. But it still seems worth tracking what has been fixed, so I am moving issues from the "hit list" that have now been fixed to the list below periodically.

Fixed For Beta 1

#25921: Unable to add key signature after delete of first measure
#24702: Disappearing tempo/system text when hiding empty staves
#25478: deleting an instrument causes rehearsal marks to vanish
#25881: Pedal line will not anchor to certain notes
#25882: Crash on removal of text from text line
#23006: Beaming incorrect after time signature change
#25618: Score corruption upon time signature change
#25636: Unable to create cross-voice slurs
#25553: Slur misbehaviour when dragging rightermost handle to the right
#25340: Shift+letter shortcut adds wrong note for transposing instrument (with concert pitch off)
#25411: Shift/Alt+number shortcut adds wrong note for transposing instrument (with concert pitch off)
#25412: Notes->Transpose gets octave wrong for some notes with transposing instruments
#25434: Undo toggling concert pitch does not apparently restore previous notes
#25436: Wrong pitches displayed for chords with accidentals, even for non-transposing instruments
#25253: Multimeasure rests corrupts multi staves instruments
#25394: Reducing stretch corrupts (?) score with clef change
#25457: Wrong lines for some notes after clef change in score from MusicXML import
#25151: Voltas break multi measure rest but are not shown, crash on 1.x import
#25245: Line property "Hook" not preserved on save/load
#25231: Wrong pitches on 1.3 score saved with concert pitch off
#25360: Wrong spelling for many notes when switching between concert and transposed pitch
#25481: adding a crescendo corrupts the file
#25646: Undo of stretch results in notes displaying on wrong line, missing clefs changes
#25611: Copy / paste changes tied-to notes in presence of accidentals
#25612: Adding accidental to first note of tie changes display pitch of second note
#25628: Enharmonic respellings made with "J" do not survive reload
#25551: Adding key signature does not add accidentals to existing notes
#15125: Bad spacing with lyrics in voice 2 when seconds present
#25679: Deletion of text on pedal line not preserved on save / reload or on custom palette
#24146: Clefs cannot be dropped on empty measures
#25276: Chord symbols that were unrecognized in 1.3 contain markup
#25249: Generated parts should not display staff long & short names
#25246: No Line Properties for volta
#25384: Incorrect spacing of grace notes with accidentals
#23930: Shift+<letter> in note entry ignores key signature
#25645: Dragging end point of slur to previous system produces crash
#25229: Some dynamics have too much internal space (no kerning)
#21870: Issues with dotted notes and adjacent noteheads (second)
#23957: Crash on chord symbol entry after load of style
#23950: Crash after closing score if loading style that defines chord id
#23399: Moving either end anchor of tie causes crash
#23985: Cannot delete measures within a multi-measure rest
#24041: Pitches incorrect after inserting measures before key signature/clef change
#24061: Clef change at start of system not displayed
#24102: Pedal sounds in all instruments
#24348: Hang when adding time signature
#24563: double-sided repeat converted to open repeat after multimeasure rest
#23648: Hook of note with value of eighth or less misaligned in Emmentaler
#24672: Bar lines disappearing when hiding empty staves
#24757: too much space before closing repeat with wings
#24571: Time signature incorrectly positioned in part if spatium changed in score
#14146: Bars with text shouldn't be part of multi bar rests
#24245: Slur attaches to note in wrong voice after save/load
#24562: voltas incorrect with multimeasure rests enabled
#24072: Changing measure actual duration shifts all subsequent spanners
#22952: slurs too high above stave/chords if spanning up and downstem chords
#23990: Dynamics with offset move right after save
#24877: crash on chord symbol entry after undo of chord style change
#24223: rests outside staff should show ledger lines
#24999: B# and E# display as C# and F#
#23011: Change channel is broken stafftext properties.
#23298: stem too short after changing octave of a note in a chord
#22785: Drag-selecting, copying and pasting a multi-voice note causes hang
#16626: Pedal lines & hairpins cannot be extended to next system
#22463: Accidental collides with note in other voice
#21242: Bold, italic and underline text in 1.3 score appears as normal
#22917: Dragging bar lines to top or bottom staff lines requires extra precision
#23396: Hairpins become corrupt (no end spanner / tick2 == -1), leading to crash
#25238: Crash on remove measure undo with linked parts
#25929: Crash on remove instrument with linked part
#25422: Changing actual duration of measure causes corruption with linked staves
#25884: Crash on inserting measure repeat in score with parts & mmrests
#20579: transpose doesn't work with linked staves
#17535: Removing linked staff removes time signature and bar rests
#17536: Removing staff in instrument with linked staff removes time signature and bar rests and moves bar 1 into clef area
#24305: Shift+Left & Shift+Right in note entry don't affect linked staves / parts
#18157: Segfault when inserting notes in linked staves after time sig change
#24759: Crash on changing time signature in part
#18099: transposition info incorrect when switching between score and part
#24468: Tremolo in score not propagated to parts
#20082: Fall/Doit export to parts does not work
#24393: Delete measure in score not reflected in parts; subsequent note entry causes corruption
#24519: Crash when creating tuplet in empty voice in staff with linked staff
#23381: tempo text not displayed in parts
#24435: Slurs Not Carried Into Linked Parts
#24631: General style settings not propagated from scores to parts
#18507: some text items modified in score after generation of linked parts not reflected in those parts
#23380: Manual position of rehearsal marks & tempo text in parts not preserved on save/load
#7805: Copy and paste does not preserve stem direction for beamed notes
#22620: Change to linked part does not mark anything dirty
#23382: Rehearsal marks display as empty boxes in parts until reload
#25683: Pedal "carat" markings do not align
#25692: Error Barlines Length
#22996: Standard staff type in entry with tablature has 15ma clef
#25169: Incorrect panning while playback if continuous mode is selected
#24505: Text properties not displayed in Inspector for most text types
#23913: Crash on copy of selected chord symbols
#23460: Much too much trailing space added after notes with ChordLines
#23956: Setting a default style affects loaded scores, not just new ones
#24508: Change to text style for dynamics not preserved across save/load
#12079: Applying beam properties to rests produces strange beams/stems in neighbouring notes
#14576: Hiding time signature corrupts score
#1464: Faulty vertical alignment of accidentals at chords
#6107: Multi-staff barlines break with hide empty staves.
#3325: Seconds between voices overlap
#21994: Adjacent multi-voice notes on the incorrect side of stem
#2316: Small ties
#25279: Update accidental layout code to use new SMuFL "cutout"
#25904: Transposing introduces redundant #'s and b's, but autocorrects after reload
#25466: Articulation positions erratic (line/space, upstem/downstem)
#26266: Empty measure renders poorly at beginning of system with key signature
#26041: Crash when adding text to a line
#25945: Crash on transpose of score containing courtesy accidental
#25580: Wrong pitch displayed when copying and pasting between instruments of different transpositions
#21744: Actual notes are changed if transposition properties are changed with Concert Pitch off
#25810: Notes displayed in wrong octave after change of transposition
#25797: Shift+<letter> enters wrong enharmonic spelling if accidental is in effect
#22205: Cannot apply non-standard accidental to a note that is modified by another accidental
#26446: Incorrect accidentals displayed after up/down of linked note with courtesy or microtonal accidental
#25811: Linked tab staff added to existing staff initially shows all numbers on top string; fixes itself on re-layout
#26381: Playback of supported ornaments incorrect if note is tied
#25445: InstrumentChange elements appear above top staff rather than staff to which they were attached
#26091: Staff text in 1.3 score attaches to wrong note
#25285: Adding courtesy accidental not reflected in linked score/parts
#26691: Deleting bar contents in one staff causes all staves to lose dynamic marking
#26551: Tie entry behaves incorrectly in measure with existing notes
#23953: Cursor jumps to beginning of measure after entry of tie
#26521: Note input cursor "backs up" upon creation of tuplet
#24414: Note Input cursor does not follow Alt+Up and Alt+Down
#23496: Style not 'remembering' accent position.
#22471: Tuplet creation sometimes operates on previous instead of next note in note input mode
#24331: Shift+Up & Shift+Down in tab note entry have incorrect effect on linked staves
#24482: Ties broken when changing pitches in repitch mode
#25670: Stem direction on beamed notes not imported correctly in 1.3 score
#26591: Wrong clef / staff lines on MusicXML import
#25598: Line spacing in text too wide at first, changes after layout
#25923: Enharmonic spellings of chord symbols not preserved across concert pitch for baritone saxophone
#25600: Notes entered with wrong enharmonic spelling from MIDI input or "R" command in note input
#26776: Naturals in key signatures display on all systems rather than just at point of change
#24030: Style for Parts
#22132: Slur positioning involving grace notes differs after saving and opening
#26966: "Play repeats" button doesn't work as should
#26476: Removing ottava incorrectly changes pitch of notes
#20180: Fingering Issues in 2.0
#22988: Slur on grace notes are not propagating from an ensemble score out to the individual part scores.
#25941: Fret diagram in staff > 0 are offsetting slurs and ties
#26731: Drum scores from 1.3 are not recognized as drum scores
#2914: Add a swing/shuffle effect to playback/export
#25849: Slur position incorrect on load if horizontal frame on same system
#24243: Paste scrolls to top of system
#27811: Transposing does not work on 1.3 scores saved with concert pitch on
#27761: Pedal line appears too far below staff for staff > 1
#27766: Musescore SIGABRTs when opening a score with a slur ending on a rest
#26586: Right notehead bracket incorrectly positioned
#27851: Cannot change time signature between cut time, common time, and 4/4
#25790: Not enough margin between first and second system with 3+ verses on 2nd and 3rd page
#27781: Articulations and slurs on stemless notes positioned incorrectly
#27841: Some scores crash Musescore when Swing Playback is enabled
#27846: Swing playback gets confused with a quaver-length anacrusis
#28006: Crash when exceeding the number of measures
#27831: Pasting a passage with triplets pastes them as normal notes.
#6368: Pasting triplets over a barline corrupts measures
#26781: [Trunk] Continuous View issues
#27646: [2.0] Dragged notes shift positions on transposing instruments
#27966: Volta end hook in 1.3 score not preserved
#26806: Importing 1.x scores with Staff text containing <CR>
#25471: Parts confused about second ending (volta)
#28176: Crash on entry of note while in "slur entry mode" on last note of score
#25368: Note Groups define in time signature dialog has no effect in note entry
#25390: Layout of 1.3 scores
#28211: Regression on dynamic signs
#28301: Change of text style for element does not take effect
#28306: Deleting a measure with a clef change doesn't change the clefs
#27926: Crash on score load - hairpin with no endspanner
#28371: Mid-measure clef change not exported correctly to parts
#28141: Slur position not updated after timesig change
#27861: Saving score with some instruments suppressed and multimeasure rests messes up score
#23319: Saving a score with text line and re-opening causes crash
#27686: Behavior wrong or disappearance of slurs with linked staves
#25876: Local time signatures have incorrect beaming and can cause score corruption
#28501: Copy / paste doesn't propagate slurs correctly to linked staves/parts
#12960: Pasting multi-voice notes causes corruption
#28491: Crash on cursor key after entering hairpin
#28571: "R" key doesn't propagate slurs in linked staves, and leads to a crash
#26546: Ottava lines drawn too long
#17733: Voice 2 not copied if destination has content there; undo then produces incorrect results
#25472: cannot enter notes using mouse in staff below an invisible staff
#25806: Cannot undo Slur/Tie handle movements made in edit mode
#28656: Crash on note entry after undo of add linked staff
#28651: "Ctrl + Del" delete slurs in the next measure in linked staves (and crash on undo)
#28171: mmrests do not display on tab staves
#28746: Crash on changing instrument (from 2-3 channels to 1 channel)
#28781: MIDI input while concert pitch is on results in tpc corruption
#25409: Staff with lyrics always has at least 7sp of distance to next staff
#13019: Text style not honored for dynamics, segno, or coda
#28826: Wrong clef at start of system
#25250: Hide empty staves should retain at least one staff per system (especially in parts)
#28851: Notes display as if in wrong clef after time signature change
#28931: Custom text in markers (coda/segno) lost on saved/load
#28476: Chord symbols with System flag set do not transpose when propagated to parts
#11889: [Trunk] Pasting multi-voice notes corrupts timing
#28756: Change of time signature corrupts slurs, leading to crash
#29001: Deleting clef does not delete courtesy clef (sometimes does not even delete selected clef)
#28996: No courtesy clef created when adding clef to first note of system
#28991: Bad layout of clef when added to first note of system
#14045: cut and paste corrupts voice2
#28936: Wrong barlines when removing the second staff
#29111: Crash on load of 1.3 score with slur attached to rest
#25681: Crash on load of 1.3 score with bad tie (one-sided, extends to end of score)
#25896: Modify line text properties doesn't work
#24580: Incorrect masking of fret mark
#29141: Ottava in 1.3 scores ignored in playback
#29106: Changing instrument of 1.3 score and adding linked tablature staff causes crash
#22572: D.S. & To Coda placed at beginning of measure instead of end
#29101: Crash on edit after removing a linked staff
#29096: Ties deleted after removing a linked staff, and leads to a crash in note entry
#28331: Clef and tab type sometimes initialized incorrectly with linked staves
#29151: Ties in chords can sometimes be crowded
#29146: Checkboxes in Advanced staff properties for standard staves have no effect
#29176: Faulty Key Signature when transposing without Ctrl +A
#29241: Linked staff added above existing staff corrupt
#29256: Add a linked staff in note entry mode causes crash
#23516: Ties don't re-position after undoing time signature removal
#29246: Unrecognized chords containing special characters in 1.3 scores rendered as markup
#29241: Linked staff added above existing staff corrupt
#29391: Edit a fretboard diagram with no dots causes crash
#24145: Insert Measure in a Prima or Seconda Volta causes crash
#25311: Crash when using 'w' to double length of note in excess of remaining score/measure length
#28461: After copy/paste operation with dotted half note chords and ties, 4/4 bar ends up with only 3 beats in it
#28506: Copy / paste corrupts next measure when the pasted note crosses the barline
#14353: Hide system staff makes Lyrics and music collide.
#24138: Crashes in Inspector when selecting note elements
#23700: Merging score via Album feature causes crash
#29421: Entering note and undo causes crash
#29446: Copy/paste and "R" do not delete slurs in target measures, leading to crash
#29431: Dragging clef, bracket, or spacer to score should highlight only target staff, not full system
#29541: Enter note deletes slurs in note entry mode with linked staves
#29591: Percussion staff resulting from MIDI import shows key signature and accidentals
#29471: Clicking whilst selected bar with object changes causes crash
#29751: Previously entered music corrupted when adding and moving up new instrument
#29746: Note input on percussion staff enters note onto wrong staff
#29516: Input cursor jumps to beginning of measure while entering beamed notes onto percussion staff
#28356: Make MuseJazz available as a "Musical text font"
#29406: Incorrect or no navigation via keyboard if featuring grace after note
#30431: Crash on deleting a staff when it is involved in a part
#28471: Parts always generated with treble clef
#29651: Wrong clefs with linked staves and added staves
#28401: Chord symbol entered after parts generated not transposed if score and part are at different concert pitch states
#29796: Crash on deleting all notes from part with mmrests; corruption on undo when doing same in score
#30041: Key signature change not reflected or applicable in part if multi-measure rests amount to first system
#23324: Changes not reflected in part
#29801: Inserting key signature creates wrong key sig in linked part when score is not concert pitch
#29616: Transpose leaves old key signatures in existing parts
#30671: Crash after "n+1" insert measure operations after undo of add part in score "n" measures long
#30666: Parts dialog shows no part names after parts are generated
#29946: Note input cursor resets to beginning of bar when clicking to enter notes on tab staff
#25867: Standard staff linked to TAB staff shows wrong notes on some combination of mouse+kbd note entering.
#29701: All lines appears in the score bottom when dragging
#29736: Lines attached to notes voice > 1 are laid out at beginning of measure
#29886: "Ghost elements" appears in the left corner of the score.
#29756: Selection of tablature includes previous bar
#30661: Copy-paste or repeat Triplet and others (quintuplet...) displays wrong results
#30591: Grace notes not transposed when paste into a transposing part
#30166: Select all / copy / paste issues - corruption, hangs, crashes
#30156: Crash when pasting content with final bar empty into score without enough bars
#30361: Crash when delete the default soundfont after trying to load a custom configuration
#30486: Crash when removing text from volta line
#28761: Lengthening note before a line produces incorrect results
#29511: Voltas (and other lines) disappear upon entering notes
#24639: F2 palette broken
#29781: Notes move to a new staff
#25765: Chord Articulation Editor crashes when Bar time display is clicked
#22720: Brackets misplaced when staves are hidden
#30116: Crash when applying 64th tremolo to 128th note
#30151: Ottava not correctly processed from 1.3 score
#30581: Crash on load of 1.3 score with parts and measure number on all staves
#30566: Crash on load of 1.3 score with bad tie
#30016: Crash on accessibleExtraInfo in 1.3 score (with bad spannerMap?)
#29996: Crash on load of 1.3 score with trill
#28706: Hangup in converter mode with MusicXML source
#24181: Removing instruments causes crash
#17386: Templates are outdated
#30071: Crash when removing the "Reunion" first staff [1.3]
#21257: Pauses and breaths don't stick to last note of a measure after saving and re-opening
#29501: Wrong vertical position for trills with endpoints on last note of measure
#29506: Bad layout of textline with endhook when start and end points are same note
#9567: Start hook property for voltas not saved
#25247: Clean up default style settings

Fixed For Beta 2

#30826: Horizontal offset has no effect in Staff Name Text Style
#15746: Restore session fails on multi-part scores
#29911: Names of multi-stave instruments displaying single staves mispositioned if hide empty staves is enabled
#31926: Pasting nested tuplet onto linked staff causes crash - see below
#31936: Nested tuplet doesn't appear correctly in linked stave - see above
#33661: shortening the actual duration of the last measure of a score with parts causes crash, if that measure has a volta
#33636: changes to volta properties don't propagate to/from parts
#33616: Entering notes in linked staff causes corruption in irregular measures
#32431: lyrics appear both in notation and TAB
#32256: Crash when deleting bars with text line in staff with linked part - see below
#31526: Text Line remains when undoing Linked Staff - see above
#31471: Links not working for system text
#31496: Lyrics not propagated to existing parts
#31431: mmrests not displayed in parts until first re-layout
#31391: concert pitch change in score affects key signatures of linked parts
#31151: MS 2.0 Beta 1 crashes when adding frames to parts
#30966: Part has corruption after exchanging voices in full score
#34416: hairpin velochanges should be linked between score and parts
#32396: Wrong numbers appear in a tab staff with two-digit numbers, in vertical writing, and from the treble string to the bass string
#32661: Undoing fret mark change restores it to wrong string
#31506: Selecting second voice note head with lyrics causes crash
#32106: CTRL+click no longer de-selects
#32826: Repeated Multi-measure rest does not show the End Repeat barline
#33281: Page size settings not working
#33341: Change trailing/leading space of segment if grace notes are selected causes crash
#32441: Bad spacing between clef and first note when hiding staves - see below
#30586: Bad layout in part with empty key signature segment - see above
#32391: Whole note stem direction affects horizontal position of lyrics
#32611: Small upstem whole notes not centered
#32161: Collision avoidance applied to cross-staff notes in multi-voice context as if the notes were on the same staff
#32331: Lower case minor chords bug
#31866: Text selected while exporting to PDF remains highlighted
#31901: Lyrics attached to voices > 1 in 1.3 scores reassigned to voice 1
#31436: Segno et al do not display at start of mmrest
#30801: Grace note drums have accidentals after key signature change
#31971: Staff names of hidden instruments appear
#31536: Cross staff move information not saved
#31301: Multi-voice half notes misaligned
#18510: incorrect barlines with start repeat at beginning of system
#32466: Arpeggio section in General has no effect
#31176: MuseScore 2.0 (Beta1) Strange behavior when changing Clef and then Time signature.
#31711: Chord symbols are in their own bar of rest, not part of multi-measure rest
#31671: Legacy chord description files render major chords with explicit abbreviation if chords.xml not loaded
#31031: Style text doesn't apply correctly for some texts in 1.3 scores
#11096: Changing soundfont, then sound in unrefreshed mixer causes crash
#33961: "Set as Default" cannot be clicked after removing files in Fluid
#31101: Blank space instead of Zita effects in Windows XP, 7
#33366: R key producing notes on wrong lines when used with transposing instrument
#33156: Removing note with accidental from chord does not recompute accidentals
#32501: Shift+letter shortcuts for drum entry enter wrong notes
#32471: Crash on edit drumset - setting stem direction to Auto
#32416: Crash when entering note with tie in the two last measures.
#31721: Crash during chord symbol entry when moving to next beat
#31576: Insert measure in front of score deletes key signature
#23149: Export Parts dialog: "cannot determine file type", subsequent Export operations then fail too
#31086: Deleting measure + mmrest deletes all content to end of score
#30271: Search/Find action is not working
#34106: Adding Title, Composer, and others, in a inserted vertical frame, causes a jump at beginning of the score
#32541: Style | General | Articulations: anchors not saved
#32261: Tick barline edit will change everything even if didn't touch
#31306: tuplet properties not accessible anymore after setting numberType and bracketType to "Nothing"
#33966: mmrests not turned on by default in parts for 1.3 scores
#33811: MXML export: crash with score starting with a multi-measure rest.
#31986: [MusicXML] missing staff-details xml tags on export
#32691: Crash on opening of complex Music XML file
#32026: [MusicXML] Crash of MuseScore on Recordares DebuMandSample.xml MusicXML example
#32251: [MusicXML] Crash of MuseScore on Recordares Dichterliebe01.xml MusicXML example
#31051: [MusicXML] import fails "overlapping hairpin not supported"
#34046: [MusicXML] multi-measure rest not exported
#30686: [MusicXML export] Slur start missing for slurs when importing MuseScore 1.3 file
#37026: changes to tempo (the BPM of a tempo text) don't propagate between score and parts
#34441: changes to lyrics verses don't propagate to/from parts
#33726: Partname doesn't get shown on the part if it consists of more than one instrument
#31146: Cannot recreate part name text in part in MS 2.0 Beta 1
#33051: Trill lines and others (prall, wavy lines) have different lengths depending on the linked staff and the notes values.
#35136: Tremolo Bar displayed over incorrect staff, crash on delete
#2860: Browsing menu items doesn't work (Alt + arrow keys)
#37306: Close Z window with Esc on Windows
#33391: Paste / "R" repositions continuous view to point of last note entry
#35626: Copy and paste a file in two voices in another file, and with a minimum number of systems, causes a crash.
#35466: Positioning of slur moved using mouse not preserved upon paste
#32866: Score jumps out of focus in 2.0 beta1
#37911: Manually adjusted slurs move on save/reload for small / scaled staves
#37691: Corrupted Horizontal Position of Hairpins ( saving from Continuous View ).
#37646: Ties in whole note chords with seconds not properly drawn across system break
#32086: Repeating fingering manual adjustment
#34921: Slur across voices are not restored correctly on file read
#37456: stems of bottom staff notes wrong with cross staff beaming
#22638: Stem of beamed note in cross staff incorrectly positioned
#35496: Start repeat barline collides with key signature
#35406: Fix note size in Tempo Mark
#35351: Tempo marking disappears if added on the bass clef
#35176: Wrong 8va and 8vb end position if preceding a clef change
#35171: The "Line" disappears if end point is to left of start point
#37961: Beam distance incorrect in small staves
#37881: Images jumps down when dragging from a palette
#37666: Layout shift after selecting all - clefs calculation?
#37651: Ties in chords with line breaks touch the clef
#36411: Unable to move rest to other staff via cross staff notation
#18798: Bar rests not restored to former position after Undo Exchange Voices
#34331: A short slur mid-thickness doesn't match tie mid-thickness.
#34806: Incorrect alignment of lines at the beginning of a system
#33626: lyrics verse number don't line up with lyrics
#33021: Stem offset not preserved on read
#32871: Newlines are deleted in the header and the footer
#31451: Vertical frame moves to end of system and runs off page after delete of horizontal frame
#35276: Exported MIDI doesn't feature all tracks
#35241: Drumset tracks will not export to MIDI
#34296: Crash when Switching MIDI I/O if Jack Control is not running
#33126: Pedal segment starting on same note where previous pedal segment ends does not continue pedal playback - see below
#34951: Pedal markings not always affecting the second voice during playback - see above
#4905: Crescendo/decrescendo playback
#37206: Some channels not exported to MIDI
#36606: Audio drivers should not be created if MuseScore is run with "-s"
#35001: Repeat Count does not work on a single measure
#11175: Drums don't export to MIDI
#7724: During playback, display jumps to top of page if last staff of system is showing
#37571: Slurs are not saved if connecting with rests, and leads to a crash
#31281: Crash after undo of time signature delete in score with spanners
#36651: Pallettes remain editable after deleting the workspace
#35036: Grace note after change parent note accidental
#35491: «Open navigator» out of service
#34876: Crash when dragging object over bar and then frame
#34721: Crash after adding a staff followed by deleting the first one
#34506: Crash when adding new text style
#14548: Applying Alla Breve time signature symbol inserts nominal 4/4 time signature
#33381: corruption when saving score containing a system beginning with a start repeat on an mmrest
#33011: Continuous View should print in Page View
#31396: MuseScore 2.0 beta 1 - Crashing when I try to edit figured bass text
#31571: Adding transposing instrument to a score in C yields no key signature
#29826: Deleting a key signature does not delete it from all staves of score
#37676: Selecting note or rest in one window repositions other window as well if viewing same score
#20122: [Linux] Export as pdf impossible, cannot determine file type
#36541: "Alla breve" symbol silently changes time sig values to 2/2 (regression)
#34576: no/wrong note value icon selected when entering note input mode without first selecting note/rest
#35616: Page Settings: the option "Custom" is displayed as "A4" - see below
#36281: Can't change left and right margins after selecting "Custom" page size - see above
#32911: Tempo marking added by the New Score Wizard doesn't follow text
#30796: Pressing shift causes pedal endpoint to backup if endpoint is last note of score
#33461: Hidden lines become visible in scores imported from v1.x
#37846: MIDI import panel is not displayed when opening a MIDI file
#34781: Exporting MusicXML causes crash
#37381: [MusicXML import] crash loading The Stolen Child - vocal score - RB - 2014-10-22.xml
#35146: [MusicXML] invalid MusicXML generated from file in #34781
#34246: [MusicXML] multi-measure rest not imported
#34611: Crash on import of MusicXML (tuplets?)
#36461: MuseScore doesn't export port information to MIDI and MusicXML
#30681: Stave Text imported in 1.3 score imported from MusicXML appears at top instrument
#30676: [MusicXML] Normal and underline Stave and System Text exports as italic
#38341: Changing time signature with two differents clefs in linked staves causes false "transposition"
#38856: "Change string" (tablature) command not synced between parts
#35601: Crash when undoing after deleting all measures
#38891: Measures still initially present after Delete Selected Measures in Continuous View
#38811: Corruption and crash upon Page View undo of Continuous View delete of beamed notes
#38846: Crash when in Continuous View and undoing deletion of notes in Page View
#36186: Crash when pasting over second voice when the left-over portion of the note spans over an invalid duration
#35851: Crash when pasting measures in another measure with different actual duration - see below
#37426: Copy and paste empty measures with different time signatures and in a certain order causes a crash - see above
#31221: Selection after multi-bar rests includes remaining bars
#39036: Impossible to select all beams in a certain voice
#36511: Lines and notes lengthened in duration not deselected when clicking elsewhere
#32146: tuplets not easily deleted
#35231: Hairpins added on rests don't get displayed
#37621: Font size text appears in the bottom of the score
#36256: Layout shift on each layout - courtesy key signature calculation? - see below
#36261: Crash when extending slur if system layout changes during operation - see above
#39006: Loop indicators do not update on score layout changes
#39316: "Prall" and "mordent" playback abnormal when applied to notes with accidentals
#33081: "Acoustic Bass" instrument should include arco & tremolo channels
#39876: Undo of chord symbol edit has no effect
#39191: Some palettes become empty after adding a new workspace and switching the levels
#38766: Entering a tuplet after a time signature changing leads to a fail and a corruption
#38571: Clef displayed incorrectly after change at beginning of system starting with mmrest
#38146: Corruption after changing time signature
#36956: Changing note value after dragging time signature causes corruption and a crash in linked staves
#36966: Adding a meta tag to a part causes crash
#39611: Wrong icons on Note Entry tab in Preferences
#38991: Input cursor jump on up/down if accidental change causes layout shift
#34531: Fermata over a note in leger line can't be selected after changing direction
#33896: changes to metatags don't make score 'dirty'
#38041: Pedal marks do not export to MIDI
#39536: Crash when opening MusicXML produced in PhotoScore
#8924: Add native support for slash notation
#39461: Unable to use note input shortcuts in drum entry mode after selecting an icon in drum palette
#40341: Crash when enabling Note Entry after adding linked stave and removing original
#39801: Wrong beams in parts after TimeSig change
#37071: Wrong beaming in parts with time signature change, crash on delete and/or undo
#29856: Grace note value change does not propagate to linked staves and is not properly undoable
#40711: Crash on select on score with slur ending on rest
#6369: Pasting repeat bar over barline corrupts measures
#7713: Reducing actual duration corrupts tuplets
#34496: Ctrl+X should perform "cut" when editing text
#23137: Beam of small chord aren't small - see below
#32591: Stems too long on beamed grace notes - see above
#29931: Custom key signatures do not show
#40171: Crash on exit in ~ScoreView()
#31106: [Windows XP and 7] Crash on exit
#35876: tempo change via play panel causes delay or jump at repeat
#40016: Crash when closing score
#40356: Place holders for minor chords show up in the rendered score.
#39121: joining scores via album loses voltas, slurs, keysig changes to C major
#36901: Select two Time Signatures, Delete, and Undo, causes crash.
#6535: Impossible to tie to a grace note
#37376: Crash when paging through file containing multi-measure rest
#41171: Chord symbol "Sol" not recognized in Solfeggio mode
#31856: Add option to trim whitespace/margins in converter mode when outputting graphics
#40271: Recently saved scores don't show up in recent files list
#22695: Text ottava changes to symbol after reset
#39851: Crash on load of MusicXML file with pedal change but no start
#30791: [MusicXML] support overlapping spanners
#37971: Tempo from MIDI file not imported
#34006: 1.3 score with parts and no title imports with multiple title boxes
#33016: Reducing page scaling makes lyrics too small
#35661: Breath marks import incorrectly from 1.x files
#14145: [MusicXML] System Text, Stave Text, Chord Name and Rehearsal Mark don't preserve font
#32651: Key signature at system break with canceling naturals should not repeat naturals at beginning of following system
#40146: Crash on changing rest duration
#41291: Switching concert pitch when using transposing instruments augments the keysignature on each line.
#41426: Inserting a C/Am key "signature" to a C/Am score causes inconsistent behaviour
#30081: Undo key signature doesn't work on second staff
#41511: Some pitches spelled incorrectly on transpose / concert pitch
#41721: Lyric meslima line incorrectly laid out in parts
#30626: Tablature stems too long
#41506: Crash on paste if a tied-to note would cross a barline
#41711: Crash on load of score containing "one-plet"
#41591: mid bar barline spanning 2 staves doesn't stick accros save and crashes on delete
#40541: Slur across measures with whole notes causes and editing glitch in a score
#32231: Incorrect layout of key signature in Continuous View if top staff has no key signature
#39231: Bad layout of straight chordlines ("slides")
#38806: Clef in systems other than first not initially drawn in Page View upon undo of measure deletion in Continuous View
#30941: Layout changes after Select All
#41516: Voltas & repeat text do not migrate to top when instrument raised to top of the score
#41251: Opened scores (including templates) appear twice in Start Center & recent files
#41401: Crash when adding and saving scores if the Album file and mscz files are not located in the same place.
#40556: Focus lost after change of note duration on 2nd or 4th note of beamed group
#38976: [MusicXML Import] Ottava ends at wrong place visually
#41436: Corrupted notes when transposing imported .ove(Overture 4) file
#41696: Barline added in a score does not appears in the parts and leads to a crash
#41176: Crash when repeating a tuplet which value exceeds the time remaining in the measure
#41061: The sound is chopped when entering notes
#40531: Create score from template yields A4 even if default page size for system is Letter
#39901: Undo of concert pitch produces incorrect transposition
#39811: Crash after removing multimeasures rests and adding a measure
#25759: pdf export gives strange results under Windows for font different from Emmentaler
#33111: Customize drum set for jazz templates

Fixed For RC

#43276: dragging notes with mouse in score or linked parts isn't correctly reflected in part or score respectively
#42521: Overlapping voltas created by copy & paste
#33476: "Select all similar" does not fully select elements attached to mmrests
#42851: Key signature disappears upon toggling "show courtesy" for both key sig and courtesy
#42886: Corrupt measure created when fill an empty measure with slashes starting after first beat
#43301: Implied C major key signature at beginning of score does not transpose, corrupts on create new score
#43176: Crash for all the Lines when pressing Ctrl or Shift in combination with arrows keys in « off edit mode »
#34201: Start repeat bar appears at end of system in My First Score, scores created with Beta
#42231: Crash on "My first Score" when selecting all and deleting
#40646: [Windows] Exported PDF displays small symbols on Qt 5.4.0
#22159: Change volume of metronome in play back?
#42741: Change Instrument does not affect playback sound until save/reload
#42261: Melisma too close to preceding text
#42031: Slurs don't move after object direction is flipped, reset anchors to object, undo faulty
#21898: Hyphen collides with lyrics
#41976: Sounds of other entries shift after applying Instrument change in 1.3 score
#42276: [MusicXML Import] crash importing grace note attached to a rest
#24534: [MusicXML] Instrument and Part name empty
#22744: [MusicXML export] Some dynamics missing
#40476: [MusicXML] Note glyph in tempo text imported from 1.3 missing when exporting to MusicXML
#40211: [MusicXML] import and export of symbols embedded in text
#43761: Repeats (Segno, Coda, etc.) don't replicate to parts created later, except the top staff
#44676: Change of duration of measures including grace notes (acciaccatura) causes a crash in tab staff, linked or single.
#44461: Tab order in Page Layout dialog not good
#44646: Assertion failure / incorrect behavior on Shift+Left of volta start grip
#44466: Crash extending volta over mmrest starting a new system
#44126: Adding a tie will select a note in another voice in preference to same voice
#43711: Global Time Signature Is Broken
#43521: Double click key signature in new score wizard affects current score
#33451: Ampersand character and any subsequent characters are not displayed in Staff Name
#44436: barré on fretboard diagram extends to the far right
#41066: Cannot undo a change of crescendo or decrescendo intensity
#36601: Add time signature from palette does not preserve text property
#35056: Crash transposing orchestral score out of instrument range
#44281: Hyphen not displayed on last note of system if next syllable is on first note of next
#32596: Lines appear in all systems regardless of instrument visibility after empty staves are hidden
#3961: Melisma line over system break
#34891: Note spacing not accounting for accidental brackets
#43381: [Linux arch] Broken synth window
#28776: Master effects interface disappears (when no plugins loaded) - Windows
#33976: Deleting a file in Zerberus doesn't work
#41906: Crash when quitting after playing and closing score
#21591: SalamanderGrandPianoV2.sfz plays over a semitone higher
#41311: [Ubuntu] Extension not attached upon first save
#36981: Description of Partnames in Header/Footer
#42131: Infinite loop on score internal element adding
#42601: Wrong transposition in score imported from Overture
#23079: [MusicXML] Change instrument not exported
#40206: [MusicXML] Invalid file exported due to empty lyric
#37341: MIDI Pickup Measure Detect Shows 8/4 Measure Instead of Pickup Followed by 4/4 Bar
#31001: Wrong key when changing instrument
#6281: Instrument change undo, transposes twice
#45056: Adding frames causes a crash in parts by switching continuous view
#29381: Oblique stroke of acciaccatura doesn't appear in tablature
#45331: Palette takes keyboard focus when undocked
#45666: Search (goto) a bar (Ctrl+F) should change the status bar information
#45776: Crash when selecting to end of score with mmrest
#44786: Copy/paste measure range between time signatures causes corruption
#44906: Undo does not restore replaced accidentals
#42466: Add a staff to an other which contains a local time signature causes a crash
#26531: Hang on up/down of note tied to itself
#33911: tuplet brackets for beamed tuplets don't follow the beam's slope
#45226: Mixer does not update if in view whilst adding/removing Instrument change
#37191: Breath playback is imprecise
#43296: Shortcuts for key signature, time signature, and symbols palettes not working
#36661: Bugs with grayed out fields in the Inspector
#44706: [MusicXML Export] crash exporting Telemann sample as MusicXML
#33546: MusicXML import and export do not support non-standard key signatures
#29806: insert measure in front of key sig creates measure with wrong key sig; clefs too
#48176: Line break not visible on multimeasure rest
#46106: Undo of insert first measure corrupts clefs
#45411: Clef changes mishandled after joining measures
#45616: clef corruption after undo paste operation
#23254: Layout / undo issues with clef change after repeat barline
#46091: No clef change appears at start of system with "Create clef for all systems" turned off
#46671: Changing time signature corrupts key signature map
#42391: A time signature change in a part with MM rests corrupts the last measure and leads to a crash
#47496: Time signature missing after undo of local time signature
#25966: "Create time signature for all systems" doesn't work
#17985: Courtesy key and time signatures in the incorrect order
#47636: Text in Text-Frames not being seen in parts
#46686: Crash when creating part of score with multi-measure rests enabled
#44836: Deleting a bar causes slurs in following bar(s) to disappear
#47161: Wrong layout of tablature beam and stem
#32966: Make fingering optional on tab staves
#48356: Crash when dragging element on score from palette
#46941: Corruption possible by changing voice 2 note into voice 1
#46736: Spanner end cannot be set between notes in voice 2
#46336: Removing instrument change on first note corrupts transposition
#45076: Instrument change in first tick corrupts staff instrument, cannot be undone
#42326: Applying then removing "Change Instrument" to first note removes original instrument from Mixer
#47141: Wrong results in linked staves (Tab and standard) when dragging notes with mouse
#45171: Note entry using Shift+letter appears unpredictable
#41081: Incorrect font in an "8ve up" line after clearing text
#32481: Change to Staff Text Properties doesn't mark score dirty
#22040: No impending save after making changes to Edit Drumset
#46731: Wrong barline placement inside a measure
#47461: barline are aligned with end of measure (large spatium value)
#46586: End barline appears before end of system for larger staff space values
#45581: manual object positioning is incorrect after staff size change
#42461: Hairpin manual position incorrect after save/load if staff scaling applied
#47786: Copyright is truncated in header/footer when containing an &
#39351: Beams offset for small upstem chords with slash heads
#40566: Vertical alignment of pedal text to line too low
#46401: Breath mark and caesura appears before next note on any staff, not next note on current staff
#36266: All the Lines and Fretboard Diagram displayed twice after undoing move
#48246: End of exported audio heard at start
#43481: Wrong instrument played when using multiple SF2 soundfonts
#36431: Inserting measures cancels the effect of ottava lines
#31696: Add Drumset checkbox to the Mixer
#32671: Synthesizer > Master Effects causes crash
#47891: Context help causing crash
#47351: Crash when running in converter mode
#32021: In Instruments dialog, user must click the "Up" button twice in order to move up staff
#46701: when object other than notehead, rest or measure selected, note entry starts at measure 1
#38151: Repaint / Refresh issue of the score on Mac OS X
#42321: [Mac 10.9/10.10] Crash when declining to install soundfont
#40241: Recent scores menu doesn't show imported files
#41896: Layout issues on import of 1.3 score with accidentals & tuplets
#46986: Empty custom signature converted to standard C major in MusicXML export
#36616: [MIDI] Incorrect sounding pitch in some applications
#3811: Glissando incorrectly presented over line break
#45781: Split/Join a measure with figured bass corrupts the figured bass
#45601: changing note value can lead to missing accidentals
#40246: Album with a score with a key sig != Cmaj with one with a key==Cmaj lose keychange
#48731: Nightly 2.0b2 Odd Page right margin has bad default value
#49126: Crash when changing glissando properties in Inspector
#48821: Crash deleting tempo text from score created from template with linked parts
#34391: Augmentation dot collides with flag of tablature beside stave
#29761: Augmentation dots don't align if fret mark figures differ between strings
#29426: Only moved fret mark in tie moves tablature strings
#30411: Corruption when copying a shortened 2 note tremolo
#48811: Redo Paste does not restore ties
#48996: Crash when undoing tie
#47106: semantic of section break
#48561: Crash when toggling visibility of a line break over a multimeasure rest
#49096: Reset Text to Style button in Inspector works only on single element
#49136: End of cross-page glissando appears on both pages
#21725: Glissando from grace note incorrectly positioned
#48336: MuseJazz exports to PDF as bold on Windows
#46971: Screenshot mode in 2.0b2 does not copy into most apps on Win7 x64
#41981: All spanners with wavy lines and dynamics marks are failing when exported in PDF format
#41611: Nightly 2.0 printing shifted to the right
#46376: default left/right page margins seem to be opposite of what they should be
#49836: Delete time signature corrupts key signature
#49791: Crash when changing instrument
#49916: Crash when adding, changing and removing staves with slurred grace notes
#49801: Crash deleting stem slash on grace note
#45231: Undo does not restore sound of deleted instrument change, crash on subsequent undo
#48721: Glissando not seen in linked staff, crash with linked parts
#48481: Corrupt measures when appending to score with local time signature
#48436: Melisma and hyphens don't display correctly after time changes
#49461: Score ceated with "Save Selection..." crashes MuseScore if the selection didn't contain the top instrument
#47811: Crash when showing Synthesizer panel in fullscreen
#41456: Adding new staff to score inherits wrong key with transposing instruments & key of C
#48836: Initial key signature incorrrect in scores created from template with transposing instrument
#50006: Grace notes incorrectly presented upon change, or undo of it
#49881: Glissando drawn to note in wrong staff
#35826: Time signature mispositioned after instrument addition
#49456: "Save Selection..." saves everything up to (and including the selection)
#49466: Score ceated with "Save Selection..." creates corrupt score if the selection didn't contain all instrument
#48491: Outgoing melisma, ties and hyphens latch onto nearest note after deleting bars
#43946: Flipping stems of manually moved cross-staff beam don't initially draw correctly
#24100: Horizontal frame at end of system followed by staff names
#42891: Lyrics can extend into margin and off page
#46251: Partial beam on wrong side with cross staff notation
#41761: Beam angle too sharp
#49261: Cross-staff slurs not read back correctly if from lower to higher staff
#40806: Sub-beam in wrong direction
#42856: Flags points in wrong direction in compound meters
#49341: Two staves, one hidden—barline shown at beginning of each line
#30996: Changes to instrument group produces wrong bracket span
#49176: My First Score loads as A4 page format even if Letter preferred
#39676: changing styles on import from 1.3
#49641: Import of 1.3 score with mismatched odd/even margins
#48011: [MusicXML import] issues with Neuraton PhotoScore produced XML
#49366: bad import of chord symbol with # from BIAB
#17508: [MusicXML] Not all accidentals imported