Crash after removing multimeasures rests and adding a measure

• Nov 23, 2014 - 17:18
S2 - Critical

Nightly, November 22 (37a2197) / Windows7

1.  « My First Score » → remove 29 measures to keep 3 measures, or open this file : Test MM Rests new measure.mscz

2. Fill the first measure with 16th

3. Exit « Note entry mode » → Press on « M »

4. Select this two measures rests, and delete them (Ctrl + Del)
3MM Rests.jpg

5. Select the empty measure (the second one)

6. Add a measure : Ctrl + B

Result : crash
4crash MMR add measure.jpg

Additionnal note : tests done to understand this other issue ( lead me to think that it is part of the whole.

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I believe that after step 4, both of the measures in the mmrest should have been deleted, and that might be related to the problem. But it doesn't seem to be the problem in itself. The measure is still at least somewhat valid in that you can enter ntoes into it without crashing. But somehow, the linked list of measures is messed up. The crash occurs while drawing the selection rectangle, and it's trying to draw around a measure whose parent system is 0. I didn't completely trace through to see how this happened, but the object debugger doens't actually any obvious problems.

To be complete, and because I had also noticed that in my tests: there are "interesting" variants: probably, they are related with the original issue (?) I prefer nevertheless report them.

1) In parts, always (same process with three original measures), look at this : If you want to change the TimeSig 6/8 to 3/4, it does not work. Nothing happens.

This works in most other (I do not have any identified each scenario!) It's the same if you have the opposite situation: change 3/4 to 6/8 in multimeasure rests.
time sig change.jpg
no change.jpg

2) I also found cases of corruption, after deletion (Ctrl + Del) multimeasure rests. More difficult to reproduce. I managed to capture one! And of course, this is followed by a crash by clicking the "last measure" or supposedly?

variant .jpg
variant crash.jpg

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