Copy and paste does not preserve stem direction for beamed notes

• Nov 4, 2010 - 04:02
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Open Stem Direction.mscz
2. Select the first measure
3. Edit > Copy
4. Select the second measure
5. Edit > Paste

Expected behavior: Stem directions in measure 2 should be identical to measure 1.

Actual behavior: Stem directions in measure have reverted to default

MuseScore version: stable and r. 3672 nightly trunk

(Operating System: Windows 7)

first reported by cheng lung:


I can confirm this bug, in Musescore 1.0 and yesterdays trunk. But it only affects the beam direction, not single stems (e.g. quarter notes), as mentioned in the referenced issue.
Easy to reproduce, just enter a few eights, select their beam, press 'x', copy-paste it.

Status (old) fixed active

Still an issue with f34b1c4, 'up' turns into 'auto'

Slurs get lost too, found a very old and closed issue, #2961: Slur not copied, reopen that?

Tested with the Promenade example, measure 3, treble cleff, pasting into measure 2 bass cleff

Stem direction of the notes actually does get copied, but the direction of the beam does not and seems to override the former

Status (old) active needs info

I cannot reproduce the original problem any more - steam/beam properties are preserved correctly. However, the slur copy bug does exist in the particular case cited (other slurs do get copied). Probably worth filing a separate issue...

Status (old) needs info active

According to lasconic on IRC, it appears this bug only happens in the release builds of MuseScore, not the debug builds.

I'm getting this bug in the latest nightly builds.
It also happens when you create new parts from a score - the created parts have the default stem direction on beamed notes but not on single stems.

For what concerns the problem of pasting slurs in comment #6 and #7, the actual behavior is that the slur get pasted, but the voice into which it is pasted is wrong.
For example voice-2 slur of measure 3 of Promenade example transforms into a voice-1 slur when this measure is pasted.
Note that if voice one does not contain notes able to accept the slur, the slur will not be pasted.
For example, replace voice-1 of measure 3 of Promenade example with a voice-1 full measure rest; copying and pasting the measure deletes the slur.
For sure this bug is worth of an issue report by its own.