"Create time signature for all systems" doesn't work

• Jun 5, 2014 - 11:59
S4 - Minor

On a score with more than one System go to menu->Style->General...->Page and tick "Create time signature for all Systems".

Expected result: the first measure of every system has a time sig, not just the first measure of the first system

Actual result: only the first measure of the first System has a time sig.

Windwows 7 Enterpise, 64bit, da1644f

In 1.x this item was lacking the "for all Systems", but doesn't seem to have any effect as well, not even on the first time sig


I wonder; 1.3 had an option in that same place that was called simply "Create time signatures" - nothing about "all systems". It didn't appear to do anything either. I suspect the current option is just that one renamed? If so, then I think maybe it isn't supposed to do what we think it is based on the current naming. It defaults to "true", but that would obviously be a mistake if it is really supposed to create time signatures on all staves.

In any event, there appears to be no code anywhere to do anything at all with this option, so I can't even tell what it was ever supposed to do.

Status (old) active fixed

I believe in 1.3 the first time signature could not be removed and this option was to not create it.
In 2.0 the first time signature can be deleted. If there is no time signature the default is 4/4.

I removed the style option.