[Mac OS X] "Full Screen" menu item does not update (check/uncheck) when entering/exiting full screen

• Oct 15, 2015 - 01:12
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Main issue

To reproduce:

1) Enter full screen using regular window title bar controls (at least on OS X Yosemite and up, there are three buttons in the corner of the window: Close, Minimize, and Full Screen/Maximize).

2) Open the View menu, and there is no check next to "Full Screen."

3) Click the "Full Screen" menu option. A check appears next to it, and MuseScore stays in full screen.

4) Exit full screen using title bar controls.

5) Open the View menu, and there is still a check next to "Full Screen."

Secondary El Capitan issue

The above is the generic issue, which I'm guessing is platform-independent. Things get really weird with the new OS X El Capitan, where the operating system adds a full screen control to the View menu if an application does not already have it. MuseScore's "Full Screen" command is not recognized, leading to this (look at the bottom of the menu):

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png


That makes reasonable sense to me. Alternatively, would it be possible to change the menu command to integrate more directly, like the way Firefox does it? (Firefox's menu command was "Enter Full Screen"/"Exit Full Screen" already, which aside from ensuring there's no difference on El Capitan also is set up to recognize the actual full screen state, one way or another.)

To change the menu command would be ideal. To achieve it, we need to be able to detect when MuseScore goes into full screen when the green button is clicked. Currently I can't find a way to detect that.

My Ubuntu 14.04 / xfce4 system doesn't provide an icon, but does provide an option in the menu that appears when clicking the icon at the top *left* of the title bar (along with options like "Move", "Always on top", etc). Unfortunately last time I tried using this it locked up my computer, so I'm not anxious to try again. Probably an artifact of how I am running Ubuntu (within a chroot within ChromeOS).

Title "Full Screen" menu item does not update (check/uncheck) when entering/exiting full screen [Mac OS X] "Full Screen" menu item does not update (check/uncheck) when entering/exiting full screen

Small update on this issue: the View > Full Screen menu item is mentioned in the "Getting Started" score which may cause confusion among MacOS users.

That is a good point. What I hope is that most Mac users have their OS up-to-date, and then they will have "Enter Full Screen" at the bottom of the menu.