Some Emmentaler note heads don't mix and match their stems

• Sep 21, 2014 - 17:38
S4 - Minor

See and… (zoom it)
For some of the note heads the stems are too long (passing by the head), for some too short (not reaching the head)


I have attached some files showing the appearance of Mi and Diamond heads in Bravura / Emmentaler / Gonville font (MuseScore version 2.0.1, 200% zoom).

Bravura: looks OK.

Emmentaler: IMO, the MI is not quite high enough compared to Bravura. The Diamond (which shows up faulty in the picture) is now fixed apparently.

Gonville: IMO, the MI is not quite high enough compared to Bravura. There is a problem with the diamond – the sides are curved rather than straight.

Perhaps you could also check the appearance of ledger lines for length with these alternative noteheads.

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You say you are running 2.0.1, but the bug was fixed only a few hours ago. Have you tried the latest nightly build?

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I'm opening this again because I've just had a look at the same file with the latest nightly build (2015-07-04-1643-d048bbc). Win 7 HP.

Some issues remain:

(1) Grossly misshapen diamond notehead in emmentaler.
(2) Triangle notehead is misshapen in emmentaler
(2) Slightly mishapen diamond notehead in Gonville. Sides are not straight but curve inwards.

Other noteheads seem OK.

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guitar_harmonics.mscz 9.67 KB
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What does "misshapen" mean here? Does it not look different on your system than the image shown above, which appears perfect to me? The diamond notehead is "quirky" looking, I nmight agree, but it is exactly how it was designed to be by the people who developed this font, as far as I know. If what you see if different from what is shown above, can you post a xcreenshot?

The score you attached does not have triangle noteheads, but if I change to the, it also looks fine to me. Again, the shape is "quirky", but it is as far as I know exactly how it was designed to be.

Lasconic has posted an image showing clearly the mishapen diamond notehead in emmentaler. I can confirm that is how it looks in Windows 7 as well (latest nightly).

The diamond notehead in Gonville is not a diamond. It has curved sides when they should be straight:

The triangle in emmental is misshapen:

Compare that to how it looks in Bravura (correct):

Status (old) needs info fixed

In that case, it is as I said: the folks who designed that font designed intended those characters to look that way. See for example…. As you can see, we are displaying these glyphs exactly as the font designers intended.

It might not be how you would prefer them to look, but it is how they were designed and have always looked and how people have been relying on them looking for years, so I don't think we should be in the business of re-designing that font at this point. If you prefer the way those noteheads look in Bravura, just use Bravura.

A picture is worth a thousand words! That link has finally made things clear re: the correct shape of the emmentaler diamond notehead.