Overlapping voltas created by copy & paste

• Dec 27, 2014 - 19:04
S4 - Minor

Hi, first of all thanks for the great work done.
I tried to find this issue, but could not find it. if it is a double than my apologie.

On the issue:
I just started out with Musescore 2. I created a score with 5 instruments.
on the score sheet for every instrument I get 5 overlapping prima voltas.
So 1 for each instrument, on each instruments score.

Warm regards,
Frank Mijling

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Hi Jojo, Thanks for your fast response.

No, I have added the voltas only once.
I must say that I did some manipulation of the notes, copying them forward and backward after applying the volta(s). only the prima volta was after that multiple. the second volta was oke.


Title Musescore 2; Multiple Prima Volta (one for each instrument in instrument sheet, on all instruments) Overlapping voltas created by copy & paste

I can reproduce this in a score from scratch, so I've changed the title to reflect what is happening. While I'm not 100% sure it's a bug as opposed to a feature, I think it's not good:

1) new score for two instruments
2) add a volta to some measure
3) add notes to top staff in that measure
4) select that measure in top staff, copy
5) select that measure in bottom staff, paste

Result: two overlapping voltas

I think perhaps voltas should simply be except from copy & paste, but am not sure. At the very least, there should be checks to be sure we aren't pasting onto a section that already has a volta.

There is really a bug with copying and pasting these Voltas.
Look that, or use this file e.g. : 2 flutes.mscz

1. So, score for two flutes -> fill a measure -> add a Volta
2. Select the measure. Note that Volta is highlighted, so the expected result is that it is copied and pasted into the second staff (as it works for all the other lines)
1 first step.jpg

Result: two voltas overlap in the first staff (so, none in the second one as expected)
3. Now: separate the two voltas and edit the shorter of the two by extending it. So: Double-click -> Shift + right arrow
3edit shorter volta.jpg
4 first result editing.jpg
The most unexpected is coming immediately ...

4. Undo
Result: the volta finally appears (it was time ...) in the second staff
5 first undo.jpg
5. Undo again:
Result: three voltas overlapping in the first staff
6 second undo.jpg
6. Undo again ...
Result: two of the three voltas disappear in the first staff, and that of the second staff keeps the left hook only.
7third undo.jpg
7. Undo last time!
Result: the hook (and the number) in the second staff are the only ones to survive!
7 fourth undo.jpg

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So, after investigation, I found that the issue occurred on August 20 .

- Between this Nightly (where Volta is unselected: therefore, no risk for copy-paste!): cd74c4f
volta no selected August 20 on cd74c4f.jpg
- and this one (where Volta is selected: with a bad copy-paste): 730b5cd
volta selected August 20 on 730b5cd.jpg
with all the next consequences as described (overlapping, undo, etc.) in the previous comment #4
3 result overlapping.jpg

So, without specific indicator on Voltas, this could be a side effect related to one or other of these commits (which refers hairpins, in particular) ?
- https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/commit/b766748106f2d3c48d4ec7acf…
- https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/commit/05540778c14b5a348ed3048cb…
- https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/commit/e150fb5152b9ccf4a41716cb8…

And precisely because I see the same behavior change with these hairpins (unselected -> selected) at the same time in the same Nightlies. It works for hairpins, it doesn't works for voltas.

3 result hairpin.jpg

Would it be fair to say the expected result is that voltas are never part of a range selection and thus are never part of a copy/paste? That would also mean they would not be deleted when you select a measure and hit delete (this much is currently already the case, although there was a lot of back and forth on this subject shortly before Beta 1).

It should be easy to implement a fix based on this; I will give it a shot.