Wrong barline placement inside a measure

• Feb 7, 2015 - 12:22
S4 - Minor

1. Start with default page.
2. Write 4 quarters in the first measure.
3. Drag the "Start repeat" barline from Pallete and drop on the second note.

Result: The barline shows up between 2nd and 3rd staff.

Windows, Nightly build b9e10df.


Status (old) fixed active

Probably this fix caused other problem:

1. Create score with 2 voices (i.e. Vila + Voice)
2. Fill few bars with scores in both voices (i.e. 3 bars of quarter notes)
3. Put end of repetition bar at the end of 3rd bar
4. Drag & drop start of repetition bar somewhere in the middle of measure of one voice

PROBLEM 1: Repetition bar shows up only in one voice
5. Drag & drop start of repetition bar in the same place but in another voice
6. Click play to listen

PROBLEM 2: When playback bar reaches end of repetition bar, does not come back to start of repetition but to the begin of sheet.
(On the picture - second repetition)

Windows, 6b554a9