Crash after a copy-paste chord symbols and Undo

• Jan 22, 2016 - 16:03
S2 - Critical

c807c0d / Windows7

1) "My First Score" -> in the first measure, enter two half notes with two chord symbols,
or, load this file test: test chords.mscz

2) Right-click on a chord symbol -> All similar elements -> Copy
3) Select and delete (Del) the content of this measure

4) Paste: the whole rest is already highlighted : first result: the chord symbols are pasted.
You are here :
chords undo.jpg

5) Undo: twice
6) Escape (so, you are to the initial point, step#1)

7) Repeat the entire step # 2 (ie select  All similar elements -> Copy)
8) Left-click for select the first measure always (on an empty space)

Result: crash

Note: necessary to have a minimum of two chord symbols for receive the crash.


When I try this, things are obviously wrong immediately after step 5. We might be back to step 1, but the layout is wrong - too much space before the first note. Looking in the Object Debugger, I see there is an extra (empty) chordrest segment (tick 960) before the first "real" chordrest segment (tick 0). So a crash becomes almost inevitable.