Hairpin manual position incorrect after save/load if staff scaling applied

• Dec 27, 2014 - 14:17
S4 - Minor

when change scale off staff (like %90) i insert line (harpin) i change its lengt and position. after i open that file lines are change lines position.


Please mention the version of MuseScore, your operating system and attach the score that is showing the problem and don't assign an issue to yourself, unless you plan to fix it yourself too.

What you wanted is that ? (hairpin align with p and f)
I changed the vertical and horizontal offset , saved and then reopened it... there is an offset (better than before) but not enough....

see modified saved into modified2.png beore saving, hairpin vertical and horizontal offset setted

then saved into modified 2 , modified2 opening.png
see that haiprin isn't well placed, and offset number have changed (I didn't changed them !!)

PS : I think here screenshot of behavior are more understandable ....

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modified saved into modified2.png 80.3 KB
modified2 opening.png 69.76 KB

Yes I can reproduce.

But for the record, changing staff scale is not a "normal" thing to do. If your goal is to make the music smaller, you should be using Layout / Page Settings / Space to set the overall scaling factor for everything. Or, if you really just want one staff smaller than the rest, you'd normally use the "Small" checkbox. The individual scaling overrides are only for the very rare cases where you need more than two different staff sizes in the same score.

Title Hairpin manual position incorrect after save/load if staff scaling appiled Hairpin manual position incorrect after save/load if staff scaling applied

This issue is related to this one: #45581: manual object positioning is incorrect after staff size change

It has the same origin, therefore: the implementation of this new feature:…

The following attachments were produced always with this Nigthly on August 16: 4f9dc38

- The scale is 80%, and I have changed the horizontal and vertical offset values, like this:
test hairpin August 16.jpg

- After save and restart, I get this:
test hairpin after reload on 4f9dc38.jpg