Modfying the jump targets of jumps like D.S. are not linked between score and part

• Jun 10, 2015 - 15:09
S4 - Minor

In a score with prats, using several jumps and repeats, like D.S. al coda, in the part modify one of them to use other jump targets (and change the name of those too).

Expected result: the same change applies to the score

actual result: it does not, so playback of score and part follow different roadmaps


Strange that you manage to edit those repeats... Layout editing, like moving a coda but it is still attaced to the same bar, isn't linked between score and parts. How did you manage to move the coda from one bar to another, for me it seems you have to delete it and then add another on another bar, cause it is attached to the original bar no matter where I drag it, at least?

Ooh, you mean you edited the text string from "D.S. al coda" to "To coda" for example? I am pretty sure Musescore isn't putting the correct meaning into the words you write. The way it probably works is that you have a "to coda"-object with its properties being to send the cursor to the coda sign after a "D.S al coda"-object has been detected. The text is just for us users to understand what it does, changing it won't effect how it works. It might be that it shouldn't be allowed to edit the text, maybe it is because then one can translate it to other languages or write more specific where to jump to (where the signs are located).

You can't change the location that the text is attached to; you indeed need to simply delete it and add another, same as if you add a clef or key signature change then decide you want it somewhere else.

However, can change the *target* of a jump, via the Inspector. And this is what is not linked, but probably should be - or should be *possible* anyhow, depending on what we decide the right solution is in general.

But it is definitely a feature, not a bug, that layout editing is not linked. The default layout of the score and parts will obviously differ, and collisions that occur in one might not occur in the other. So the reasons for needing the adjustment might only exist in one, and even if adjustment is needed in both, the amount of adjustment needed will very likely differ.