Start repeat bar appears at end of system in My First Score, scores created with Beta

• Sep 23, 2014 - 17:47
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It is very common to place a start repeat barline at the beginning of a new line (in middle of a piece).
In this cases however 2.0 beta shows this start repeat sign already on the end of the previous line.
This happenes during linebreaks - produced automatically or manuelly.
Please avoide start repeat barlines at line endings.


It is indeed a duplicate. I'm not 100% convinced there will never be any cases where this happens any more, though, so if the OP has test case where it happens even in the latest nightly build, please post it. Although if the score was created using a build from more than a week ago (eg, the Beta 1), you might still see the open repeat at the end of the line until you remove the line break or start repeat and re-add it.

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The problem still exists - even in the latest Nightly b87f515 running WIN 8.1
always when the linebreak comes to an already existing start repeat mark.

Setting start repeat on first bar of a new line works correctly while typing it.
But with extracted parts we see the problem again because the linebreak comes to an existing start repeat barline.

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Was this score created in the latest nightly, or in an older build? As I said, you might have to delete previously-existing barlines and/or line breaks in order to see the fix. If I try to create a score like yours from scratch, it loads just fine. It also works fine if I delete the repeats from your score and add them back.

If this was created in the latest build, please describe step by step how you created it.

And I don't understand what you mean about parts. The loaded file doesn't contain parts. If I generate one, the start repeat is not at the beginning of a line. And if I add a line break, it works correctl

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There is no bug if I delete or add repeat bars into an existing score
- but if I add or delete linefeeds in combination with repeats.
Using latest nightly b87f515 from today on a WIN 8.1 PC:

1 Create a new score from scratch
2 Define a repeat section - with start repeat barline at begin of a line
3 Delete linefeed at end of the bar direct before the repeat starts
4 Define a new linefeed - replaced as before
--> see the problem again - hope I could explain

I can't either, but the steps don't really make sense. Nowhere in the steps does it say to add a line break in the first place, so at step 3, there is no line break to delete. So I tried the following instead:

1) new score 32 measures
2) add line break after measure 4
3) add start repeat to measure 5
4) delete line break at end of measure 4
5) click start repeat, hit Enter to add a new line break

This all works fine.

However, it instead of actually creating a new score from scratch, I use the "My First Score" - which *does* already have a line break after four measures - then I see the problem. I'm guess this just means "My First Score" needs to be updated, Perhaps the same for the templates, although when I just tried it using Jazz Lead Sheet, it worked fine.

Also do be sure you really are using the nightly and not the beta, which would indeed still have the bug. Go to Help / About to be sure.

Please verify if you really are creating a new score from scratch and not simply using "My First Score", and if so, that you really are running the nightly (by reporting what Help / About says).

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I can't from scratch either, but I can using "My first score".

Question: why is "My first score" a single-staff piano? If we're presenting people with a scratch score to start them off, why not one that matches what a piano score normally would be?

You mean the change from "active" to "needs info"? I didn't knowingly do it. I was replying to your comment, which was already set to the "needs info" state, so I think mine simply inherited that state.

Sorry for the confusion - but I did not know the differece between
"My first score" and a new created score.

With new created scores - all works fine -
Thank you for the support

OK, good, then this much at least is an easy fix!

Regarding why My First Score is single staff - might as well ask, why piano? I guess there needs to be some number of staves, and some sound. But I don't think it is assumed people really do want to write for piano necessarily.

If possible, that would indeed be good. Miwarre is the one who implemented all the changes involving how barlines get represented. From what I understand of it, barlines are no longer written to files at all unless they are "special" in some way. My First Score, and other beta-era scores, have all or most of their barlines marked "special" (non-generated) and thus are written to the files. And it's the fact that ordinary barlines are marked non-generated that was the nuderlying cause of the bug, I think. I'm not sure if it's possible to differentiate these non-generated barlines from the ones that really are "special" in some way. Except that of course, double bars are marked explicitly as such, so are the other things that I know of that might mark a barline non-generated. What I don't know is if there are other cases I am not aware of where a barline gets written to the file because it is non-generated and needs to remain non-generated for some reason. But hopefully, we can just ignore barlines written to files thaqt are not obviously special and hence didn't need to have been written to the file.

Not sure what I wrote makes sense, but hopefully it will to Miwarre, or at least, he'll know what does.

Title Start Repeat Barline - avoiding at the end of a line ! Start repeat bar appears at end of system in My First Score, scores created with Beta

Title changed to reflect current status. Fixing My First Score is a no-brainer. Whether it's possible to fix scores created with earlier builds I'll leave to Miwarre to figure out.

Miwarre's recent fix means we shouldn't see the problem any more in My First Score or other Beta-era scores - they are fixed automatically on read. Leaving the issue open to remind us we should still update My First Score and the templates.

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)

The fix posted on github has been merged.

Please check that the issue is indeed fixed.

Fixing My First Score and templates is probably useful for consistency but it should not be any longer absolutely necessary: the code now fixes the uselessly 'special' bar lines on reading.


Templates were presumably fixed with the updates for Beta 2? The jazz ones appeared to be, anyhow - no more barline tags aside from the final. Anyone know differently, or can I close this?

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Bugs me to still see this not closed :-). If someone discovers a problem, we can reopen, or maybe better, file a new issue to discuss whatever specific is wrong, since the general cases discussed here were fixed long ago.