Wrong tie direction in chords related to the pitch of two adjacent strings in Tabs

• Feb 18, 2016 - 19:18
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1d7f1af / Windows7

Related I think to these former issues: #29236: Tie direction for chords on tab staves non-deterministic?, and maybe (less sure) #30631: Improper layout of tablature ties

Came again in this file posted today: https://musescore.com/user/385716/scores/1768271
The file downloaded : Im_Crying_Just_For_You_-_James_V._Monaco_1885_-_1945(1).mscz

Focus on the uke tab : ties intersect constantly :(

Basically : the problem arises when the lower string (tab line) is changed and exceeds the pitch of the adjacent upper string.
When the pitch is changed intentionally. Or, by default, when the instrument has a reentrant tuning, as the ukulele: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reentrant_tuning

So, for reproduce :

1) New score (Tab) for ukulele, or load this file: uke test.mscz

2) Enter two chords (two notes) X 2 on the strings 3 and 4. Like this:
(note in comparison the pitch of these strings in the String Data: C4/G4)

accords.jpg string data.jpg

3) Select the first chord → press « + »
Expected result :

Actual result : the ties intersect
Actual result.jpg

4) Now, in the String Data, edit the fourth string (G4 to B3 – if you choose C4, a tie only appears), or load the file at this step : uke test new pitch.mscz

5) Repeat exactly the steps #2 et #3

Result : correct (as expected)


This does seem like what I was seeing in #29236: Tie direction for chords on tab staves non-deterministic?. Certainly the symptom seems similar, although I doubt I was changing the tuning, so if the problem fixed itself for me, it must have been for a different reason. Thanks for steps to reproduce at leats one case of this!

Also, is it just me, or is the note input cursor ignoring the staff scaling here? That is, the ukulele staff is marked "Small", but the when you move the note input cursor up and down from string to string, it moves too far, as if the staff were full size. Seems unlikely that this would be a recently introduced bug, but I'm surprised no one has pointed it out that I can recall.