[Ubuntu] Extension not attached upon first save

• Dec 12, 2014 - 15:49
S4 - Minor

When you start a new score and save it (ctrl-s) musescore doesn't automatically fill in the extension. You are likely to save it without extension.


I can confirm on Ubuntu. As far as I remember, it's been like this as long as I've been using Ubuntu (only since summer). Seems there were changes back and forth and maybe it worked briefly, but it mostly hasn't.

Title On first save Musescore doesn't attach extension automatically [Ubuntu] Extension not attached upon first save

Is this Ubuntu only?

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FWIW, I believe used to see this behavior as well, but it seems to work as expected now. Is anyone still seeing it? If so, can you post precise steps to reproduce, starting from the moment you start up MuseScore (also say if you are starting from program icon or by double clicking a score in your file manager). Could be it depends on state of those dialogs.

Hi Marc,

- From the startcenter select Create new score
- type new
- hit next
- choose choral -> SATB
- hit finish
- "ctrl-s"
- save

This is on Ubuntu 14.10.

So that's the very first thing you do upon start of MuseScore - you haven't loaded any other scores already? Meaning Startcenter is the first thing you are seeing? And by "type new", I assume you mean you actually type that word into the "Title" box of the first screen of the "Create New Score wizard)?

If I do exactly this, when I hit Ctrl+S, I see "new.mscz" entered in the "File name" or the "Save Score" dialog, and the full name (including the ",mscz") is highlighted showing select. And if I then hit "Save", a file named "new.mscz" is created in the folder shwon in the dialog (my "Scores" folder).

This is on Ubuntu 14.04, using xfce4 as my desktop environment, running an mscore binary I built myself in debug mode (but not actually running under the debugger) and installed in /top/MuseScore2/ and run from that folder.

Could be equally specific about these sort of details? Sorry, just trying to figure out what the difference could possibly be.

Aha, you got me there. I found out that I was running an older version of mscore. In the latest version I have no such problem anymore. My bad. This can be closed I think.