export fingering to musicxml format is not correct

• Jan 8, 2015 - 16:59
S4 - Minor

if i export and import the following score, then the import file is not recognised as a musicxml file

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According to the MusicMXL spec, string numbers start at "1", MuseScore allows string number "0", which is used in the attached file.

Solution should either be to disallow entering string number 0 in the MuseScore GUI (preferred) or to filter it out when exporting to MusicXML.

Note that the file imports without problems if you ignore the validation error ("import anyway").

We allow *any* abritrary text in fingering elements (which is what string numbers are internally), so I don't think we can reasonably disallow "0". My vote would be to take any "string numbers" that are not legal according to MusicXML and export them as ordinary fingerings, which I assume *can* have arbitrary text in MusicXML - or as plain text if even that is not supported.

for the title.xml, if you ignore validation errors it continuous but it looses the box frame.
also with this new example it does not give a validation error but when it imports it looses fingering position

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In general, MusicXML cannot be relied on to keep all formatting. Some information is always lost in export, other information lost on import. That's just the nature of MusicXML and how MuseScore supports it.

If you have questions about MusicXML or anything else about MuseScre, it is best to use the forum for them. if it turns out after discussion in the forum that a behavior you are observing is a bug, then submit to issue to tracker, one bug per issue.

As far as I know, the typical usage for the "0" would be to indicate an open string (at least, that is the only usage I am aware of, used e.g. in guitar music). If I am correct, it could be exported to MusicXML as an open-string element.

Am I correct or am I missing something here ? Does anyone of another possible meaning ?