All lines appears in the score bottom when dragging

• Aug 15, 2014 - 07:21
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Nightly, August 15 (7108e51) / Windows7

Ok with Nightly, August 13 (08065bb). Active then surely with Nightly, August 14 (59721fa) and following. I do not know if there was one or more intermediaries Nigthlies.

1) New score for any instrument
2) Drag a Volta Line on the second measure

Result: while dragging, the symbol appears at the page bottom

1Volta drag.jpg

Same behavior for all the spanners of the Lines Palette (except slur, and ambitus maybe?)
I do not know using this last symbol. (:

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Yes, absolutly, under Windows7 (and Windows8) I can reproduce on the latest Nightly (7108e51), there is a few minutes, with a Trill Line. Same for other lines always.


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After opening last Nightly (d28fb500), via revertToFactorySettings, no change.

I cannot reproduce with the new default score (my_first_score.mscz), but I

reproduces consistently with new scores (4/4, 32 measures) for flute, piano, guitar, violin and others.