Ottava in custom palette loses customized text in Line Properties when double-clicked onto score

• Oct 30, 2015 - 17:37
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S4 - Minor

Nightly d45cc19 / Win 7.

This could be related to Open the attached file.

1. Drag and drop the ottava from the advanced palette onto the first note of the first measure. Now select the second measure and double click in another ottava. Note that text properties have correctly adopted the "Style > Text > Ottava" style in both cases.

2. Right-click one of the applied ottavas and select line properties. Delete the tags and enter "8va" in the text fields instead. Save the ottava in a palette. Now repeat step 1 (above).

Expected result: Both operations should give the same ottava with no tag in the line properties dialog box.
Actual result: Drag-and-drop ottava behaves as expected. But double-clicking results in the ottava tag reappearing in the line properties dialog box.

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Even if the "Numbers only" option is unchecked, double-clicked ottavas (including those in the preset workspaces) revert to the number "8" style.

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed
Status fixed

Fixed in branch 2.2, commit 7e27fb01d2

fix #178591, fix #85401: added styleChanged()-call when adding an ottava by doubleclicking, removed the use of non texts for default palette elements. Due to changes in ottava copy constructor some guitarpro testfiles had to be adapted

Fixed in branch 2.2, commit cc8f8e68d1

Merge pull request #3385 from lyrischesich/85401-178591-ottava-palette-not-consistent-on-doubleclick

fix #178591, fix #85401: ottava palette not consistent on doubleclick