Ottava style in General Style dialog not consistent

• Feb 28, 2017 - 18:09
Reported version
S4 - Minor

1. Make a measure with an ottava (8va) on it.
2. Copy measure
3. paste it
4. select ottava
5. uncheck numbers only
6. ottava does not change

In the general styles menu the numbers only check box on ottavas have no affect on style of ottava when applied to notes. They always show 8---- rather than 8va----


Title Cannot change style of ottava after paste Ottava style in General Style dialog not consistent

1. Use Style->General dialog and check number only for the ottava under Hairpins, Volta, Ottava.
2. Enter an Ottava

As expected Result: Ottava reads 8-----|

  1. Now go back into the general styles menu and remove the check from number only.
    Note the existing Ottava changes to 8va-----|
  2. Enter another Ottava
    Expected Result: new Ottava reads 8va-----|
    Actual Result: new Ottava reads 8-----|

The bottom line is that the number only check mark on the Ottava is broke. This was brought to my attention in the Japanese forum here:

Severity S2 - Critical S4 - Minor
Status (old) active duplicate
Status active fixed

Not related at all and not critical either.

Status (old) duplicate fixed

Fixed in branch 2.2, commit 7e27fb01d2

fix #178591, fix #85401: added styleChanged()-call when adding an ottava by doubleclicking, removed the use of non texts for default palette elements. Due to changes in ottava copy constructor some guitarpro testfiles had to be adapted

Fixed in branch 2.2, commit cc8f8e68d1

Merge pull request #3385 from lyrischesich/85401-178591-ottava-palette-not-consistent-on-doubleclick

fix #178591, fix #85401: ottava palette not consistent on doubleclick