Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Program crashes when importing a locked Guitar Pro File active 3.6 7 1 an
Musescore doesnt play sound correctly active 4.x-dev 7 11 mois
Crash entering short notes in particular measures of a particular score active 4.x-dev 7 1 an
MuseScore Freezes frequently and has to be shut down when using a Corsair Virtuoso wireless gaming headset in wireless mode active 3.6 7 1 an
Stopping playback causes every note played in MDL to play at once. active 3.4 7 2 ans
The clef is not replaced, but added on the clef change needs info 4.0 7 8 mois
Cross staff slurs with double curve active 3.x-dev 7 3 ans
Dynamics and Lines moving to the left after saving needs info 2.3 7 5 ans
Smart Layout/autoplacement does not detect barlines active P1 - High 3.0 7 3 ans
Parenthesis around noteheads ignore dots and accidentals active P1 - High 3.0 7 4 ans
Non-ASCII characters in style name not handled correctly active 7 8 ans
Drag trail with dynamics starting with "f" active 7 8 ans
Spacer does not work from last stave to page bottom needs info 3.0 7 2 ans
Add option to display letter note name in tablature in place of fret number. active 7 3 ans
Changing actual measure duration should give the choice to keep first or last beats active 7 7 ans
tablature and banjo 5th string problems active 2.1 7 6 ans
generated clef/keysig at beginning of single-measure SECTION is incorrectly removed in continuous view active P1 - High 3.0 7 4 ans
Adding staff to instrument in score does not add staff to part; possibly crash involving undo / toggle mmrest active 7 3 ans
Elongated beamed grace note stems active 7 3 ans
Concert pitch input shifts needs info 3.3 7 3 ans
no UI option to reset shouldAskSaveLocationType, thus unable to save locally GitHub issue 4.0 7 8 mois
MS plays constant note during playback with vst instrument active 4.0 7 6 mois
Measure Splitting Error active 3.6 7 2 ans
Make Add/Remove parentheses to noteheads and accidentals a toggle active 3.6 7 2 ans
Suggestion - Add speed variation for loop playback (aka. speed training) active 3.6 7 1 an