Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Ordine crescente Replies Last updated
Add message box re illegal filename chars. active 5 11 anni
Can not change hairpin end beat with mouse active 10 7 anni
Cannot change property combo boxes when replying to a comment under an issue active 9 2 anni
Concert Pitch modifies layout and forgets key signature in one line active P1 - High 28 1 anno
Audit all import filters for the new TPC1/TPC2 construct active 4 8 anni
Import of MusicXML file with no drum set info should assume reasonable defaults active 6 2 anni
Delete note and undo doesn't restore stem direction active 2 2 anni
Make Page up/down active in playback mode active 1 2 anni
Cannot enter unison notes via mouse active 0 8 anni
Translated text for "Join Scores" doesn't fit button in Album dialog active 2 3 anni
String data/tuning not synced between score and parts active 7 3 anni
Arrow keys doesn't move object when several ones are selected active 30 2 anni
Request for new "swap strings" feature in tab active 12 7 anni
Edge of lyric with melisma doesn't align to start of notehead active 1 7 anni
J-key should change spelling of subsequent notes in tie active 14 6 anni
Embedded markup in instrument long and short name after importing MuseScore 1.3 mscx file active 4 2 anni
Oddities in the Open Recent file dialog active 1 7 anni
Change font buttons in Stave Properties active 2 10 anni
MIDI Keyboard Transport (Remote Control) not working active 4 12 anni
Don't eliminate layout elements upon some cases of time signature change active 19 10 mesi
certain notes of 5 tome tenor marching toms won't play active 1 4 anni
Continue accidentals through measure for MIDI entry active 1 9 anni
Courtesy accidental doesn't disappear upon moving note active 9 9 anni
extra notes heard with some sf3 sound fonts PR created 14 1 anno
MusicXML file with multiple instruments at the same time in one part does not import correctly into MuseScore active 10 2 anni