Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort descending
Timing Issue with midi active 4.0 0 3개월
Upon opening a Musescore 3 file, Musescore 4 freezes needs info 4.0 6 3개월
Playback freezes under MacOS 13.2.1 needs info 4.0 1 3개월
File suddenly went blank needs info 3.6 1 3개월
"Repeat start" barline is at the beginning of bar 8 instead of bar 9 active 4.0 1 3개월
Musescore imports wrongly if there are multiple voices in both hands of the Grand staff active 4.0 2 3개월
REALLY, Really need the Conductor count in. active 4.0 1 3개월
Lyric elision keyboard shortcut no longer works in 4.0 active 3.6 5 3개월
Bends not functioning GitHub issue 4.0 12 3개월
New trumpet Can't play Low Range GitHub issue 4.0 4 3개월
You can't repeat a note if it's been tied MuseScore4 GitHub issue 4.0 12 3개월
when playing the score it is heard with echo and paste needs info 3.6 1 3개월
Musescore crashes when moving a note after an undo GitHub issue 4.0 3 3개월
Keyboard shortcut = for natural does not work on German keyboard active 4.0 8 3개월
8va Alta causes instrument timing desync issues [M: r:9b70a8c] active 4.0 0 3개월
Caesuras broken & unusable in playback GitHub issue 4.0 2 3개월
MuseScore 4.0.1 crashes when adding chord note in last measure needs info 4.0 4 3개월
Roman Numeral Analysis needs info 4.0 3 3개월
impossible d'exporter une partition au format pdf needs info 4.0 1 3개월
Sound issue needs info 4.0 1 3개월
64 bit version 4 not running on windows 10 build version 22h2 build19045.2364 active 4.0 9 3개월
Issue uploading score online/saving to cloud. needs info 4.0 3 3개월
Automatically invert the score colors when the dark mode is enabled active 4.0 12 3개월
Musescore 4 no sounds, even with MS Basic needs info 4.0 2 3개월
Wrong measure numbers in the status bar active 4.0 4 3개월