Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Sort descending Version Replies Last updated
The playback feature is broken. needs info 3.6 5 1 year
Changed Element offset (and other settings) saved from the palette active 3.6 0 1 year
Album: Joining scores causes issue with time signature measures at system headers active 3.2 0 3 years
[Mac El Capitan] MuseScore window won't enter menu bar space when menu bar is hidden active 0 7 years
Play position in score, is not updated when mixer's "Show Channels" view is visible needs info 3.6 4 1 year
Offsets of score elements added to palette should be ignored when displaying the palette active 3.6 11 1 year
Change Play panel settings by entering numbers active 4 7 years
Slow, choppy sound needs info 3.6 2 1 year
Tablature warning rectangles can cause unwanted breaks in tablature lines active 3.6 0 1 year
Cannot import QtWebSockets in plugin? active 3.2 0 3 years
Weird Noise needs info 3.6 1 1 year
During Playback of an Individual Instrument Part of a Score, If Solo, at any time, transitions from On to Off in the Mixer for the Instrument Part, other Non-Muted Instruments in the Full Score Play for that Part when Solo is Off. active 3.6 4 1 year
Implement temperament playback in MuseScore active 21 4 years
Crash Restore last session - Corrupted MuseScore.ini needs info 3.6 2 1 year
Delete/rename/move/clarify the "Open" column of "String Data" active 3.6 69 3 months
Playback background noises active 3.2 1 3 years
hide / show empty staves has temporary side effects active 1 6 years
my musescore 3.6 crash on every mscz file if musescore already opened needs info 3.6 2 1 year
Zoom + - shortcuts should follow the mousecursor position active 3.6 0 1 year
Entering Special Characters active 3.2 1 3 years
Add ties when adding interval above range selection active 8 10 months
CTRL-F works only one time second search is not showing result in screen needs info 3.6 1 10 months
Left / Right arrow keys should navigate Chord Symbol & Figured Bass input (for same user experience as Lyrics input) active 3.6 4 1 year
Save Online sometimes directs into dashboard and blocks the normal process after entering user information active 3.2 0 3 years
Crash needs info 3.6 5 7 months