Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version 降序 Replies Last updated
ReadOnly preset workspace active 3.6 1 1個月
Loading an MSS file that changes the default style version doens't apply new defaults until reload, potentially changing some settings active 3.6 8 11個月
Style control of accidental interlock threshold active 3.6 7 6個月
Playback is silent in program and on web needs info 3.6 3 10個月
Populate PDF Metadata Using Score Properties active 3.6 1 2個月
[MusicXML import] use note type instead of note duration to determine note length PR created 3.6 6 6個月
Cruched everytime needs info 3.6 2 11個月
Glissando on final tied note causes it to repeat, rather than sustain active 3.6 4 3個月
7 replaced by Arrow in Schematic File in chords symbols needs info 3.6 1 3個月
Can't put my laptop to sleep without a crash. active 3.6 3 4個月
Missing piano track in MP3 export needs info 3.6 12 2個月
[LINUX] Custom shortcuts are ignored. needs info 3.6 2 11個月
Cannot drag Preferences or Style windows with mouse (Ubuntu) active 3.6 2 7個月
musicxml export backward-hook bug active 3.6 1 11個月
Crashes on opening application on Mac with VPN or proxy with Startcenter active 3.6 10 3個禮拜
MIDI Title and Composer name not imported to Score Properties active 3.6 1 2個月
Fa looks like La when using second voice active 3.6 0 11個月
soundfont loading is very inefficient active 3.6 10 7個月
Invisible articulation on the fourth beat needs info 3.6 2 10個月
Hairpin's text offset position resets after closing and reopening file active 3.6 2 3個月
Midi playback recreates midi events when song ends for no reason active 3.6 4 8個月
Can't save my file needs info 3.6 4 2個月
Tie extends beyond barline PR created 3.6 9 4個月
Loop Playback Error For Measures Ending With Tuplets active 3.6 1 10個月
can't see the line marking any of the pedals needs info 3.6 2 3個月