Disable save prompt for empty scores

• May 21, 2020 - 01:41
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S5 - Suggestion

In 3.4 if MuseScore was opened directly (not by opening a file), there won't be a message box asking if the default "Untitled" score should be saved when closing MuseScore, if it hasn't been changed. But in 3.5 alpha the message box always pops up.


Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion

This is an intended consequence of #301929: No reminder to save, if you quit program before entering anything in a new score. Even though the behavior is different from before, I wouldn't exactly call it a regression because it's technically working as [newly] designed.

The reason for the change in behavior is that it isn't currently possible to distinguish between a new score created using the wizard (which can contain a lot of hand-entered metadata that shouldn't be lost without a warning) and a new “default” score (i.e., a score created by either Start with new score or Start with score). This can be addressed either by adding another flag to handle this specific case or by simply not setting the created flag on a default score. (The latter option is simpler, but I'd have to review the code and do some testing to make sure that it's safe to do.)

Rather than marking this as “by design”, I'll just change the severity to “suggestion”. I personally think the new behavior is acceptable, but if most of you think it should be changed for this specific case, I have no problem with doing that. Please let me know.

If we were to proceed with this, my inclination would be to disable the warning for any freshly created Start with new score or Start with score scores (including “My First Score”), but not for any scores created using the New Score Wizard (including scores created from a template), because the latter are explicitly created by the user and contain at least some metadata (title, composer, copyright, key signature, time signature, pickup measure, tempo, etc.).

I just did a quick test and it looks like I had misremembered what Start with new score does: It actually starts the New Score Wizard.

So I guess the only special case we'd want to handle is Start with score then.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit a8d510ab4b

_Fix #305724: Disable save prompt for empty scores

Added logic to disable the save prompt for empty scores; i.e., scores that were automatically created at startup using the “Start with score” feature and that don't contain any modifications._

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