Undoing a mmrest in a score> 1 page causes a crash

• Sep 24, 2017 - 11:58
Reported version
S2 - Critical

GIT commit: 6eb58d5 / Windows10

1) Load this file (Treble clef template with added measures to complete the first page): 1page.mscz
2) Press "M" -> Undo
First result: no issue
3) Now, Ctrl + B (so, a second page is created)
4) Press "M"
5) Undo

Result: crash


This is does not seem to be a problem of UNDO.
If you press M in step 5 instead of UNDO, the exact same crash happens.

Indeed, I had noticed other aspects (but I had to choose a title!)
Another one, eg:
4) Toggle in Continuous View
5) Press "M" ---> crash

Well, since we're at it: There have been some changes in this area, since I last posted here. I didn't find a way to add a link to a forum entry using a user defined link text. I can just enter http://some.url.com but can I still have a link to the same url saying something like "example"?
Specifically, I used to link to pull requests by a text like "PR xxxx".