Students Announced for Google Summer of Code 2014

The list of students selected for Google Summer of Code 2014 has been announced by Google. Among the 1307 students selected, 5 of them will be working on MuseScore this summer!Read more

Improved Note / Accidental Layout In MuseScore 2.0

The most basic feature of a music notation program is note layout and rendering. In MuseScore, layout of notes - including chords, augmentation dots, ties, and accidentals - has not changed appreciably for years. But while MuseScore has always done a good job in the simple cases, there are a number of not uncommon situations where MuseScore made surprisingly poor decisions. This requires the user to adjust things manually - assuming he can even figure out what the correct layout is and how to do the necessary adjustments.Read more

33 students apply to code on MuseScore for GSoC 2014

The submission deadline for students who wanted to participate in Google Summer of Code 2014 was today on March 21st. In total, we got 35 proposals! In the past 3 weeks, we got in contact with over 20+ students on IRC and on the developer mailing list. Last year, there were 21 proposals

Here is the number of new proposals per day. As expected, this year again it went a bit crazy at the end of the period!

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Join MuseScore for Google Summer of Code 2014

MuseScore is part again of Google Summer of Code 2014 (GSoC)! If you are a student and you have aspirations to help improve the open source MuseScore notation software during the summertime, this is an unique opportunity to work together with the MuseScore developers and getting paid for it. Learn all about GSoC and how to apply for it.

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Google Summer of Code 2013 wrap up

This past week marked the end of Google Summer of Code 2013. Google announced over a thousand successful projects. It was the first year that MuseScore was selected and it turned out to be successful.Read more

Midi import improvement

New log in procedure on

Almost three years ago, I shared my thoughts with you on The State of MuseScore. With that post lasconic, werner and myself introduced the creation of, a sister website to While was meant to facilitate collaboration between MuseScore users and developers, served the purpose to easily share your sheet music on the web.Read more

MuseScore survey 2013 results

Last month we conducted the first MuseScore community survey. We received 722 complete submissions which are much more than expected. So thanks to those who participated! If you didn’t have a chance to add your voice, no worries, we plan to run more surveys in the future to follow up on how MuseScore is doing. That being said, what did we learn?Read more

Survey and Newsletter

MuseScore SurveyWe are conducting a survey to learn more about how you use MuseScore. It takes 5 min to complete:

If you have some time left, here is the very first MuseScore newsletter: In case you like to receive the next newsletters, sign up here.Read more

Google Summer of Code 2013

The 2013 edition of Google Summer of Code has been announced. It's a global program that offers post-secondary student developers ages 18 and older stipends to write code for various open source software projects, and getting paid for it. Read all about it on the GSoC website.

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Anyone using MuseScore for Education?

Hello everyone,
My name's Mark Johnson and I work for OSS Watch, an open source advisory service for UK education based at the University of Oxford.

We're currently compiling a list of Open Source Options for Education - open source options for educational establishments where proprietary software might otherwise be considered.

MuseScore is on our list, but as part of the list we'd like to include examples of real-world usage where possible.Read more

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