MuseScore Beta released for Mac OS X

The MuseScore project has made yet another step forward with the release of a beta version for Mac OS X. It's available for download and has been successfully tested by several users on Mac Intel 10.4 & 10.5 as well as G4 10.4. More feedback for other platforms is very welcome as a comment on this post.

Nicolas Froment, aka Lasconic, has created this beta release, 3 months after Joachim Ganseman delivered the first alpha release. Since that time, numerous outstanding issues and bugs have been fixed which are stated in detail in a post on the developer mailing list. Lasconic also made the instructions available how to build MuseScore on Mac.

Building MuseScore on Windows

If you are a Windows user and want to help with code development you can now build MuseScore on Windows. This makes development more convenient for the many people that use Windows on a daily basis. In the past you had to use Linux to create Windows builds of MuseScore.

Test the first alpha MuseScore version for Mac

MuseScore 0.9.4 running on MacJoachim Ganseman released the first MuseScore alpha for Mac. Quote from Joachims post on the developers mailing list:

I've compiled a first MuseScore for Mac version and put it available for download. A few very important notes however:

  • Requirements are Mac OSX 10.4 or higher, and a G4 processor or higher or an Intel processor. It is compiled as universal binary (32-bit) and tested to run on a G4 10.4 system and an Intel 10.5
  • It is based on revision 1685 of the trunk.
  • this is an alpha version and is NOT suitable for production environments AT ALL. Really. It contains loads of issues and bugs which I know of but for which I need way more time to solve them. Only reason that I make this available already is the MusikMesse, people over there might be interested to know that a Mac version is really on
    it's way.
  • executable size is about 80 MB

FOSDEM 2009 wrap up

MuseScore download chart for 2008, more than 50.000 times in totalThis past Sunday, open source developers and users all over the world gathered in Brussels for FOSDEM 2009. For the first time ever, also MuseScore developers and users came together. The meet and greet was arranged on Sunday around 14 pm, which was around the time that MuseScore was presented in a so called lightning talk.

The talk was limited to 15 minutes, just enough to pitch MuseScore to the room of around 100 people. I didn't count the exact number but more than 20 of them were using MuseScore, which was unexpected, at least by myself. The main goal of the talk was to give a quick overview of the current development challenges. The number one challenge is definitely building the Mac release for which we still have the outstanding font issue.

Multi-measure rests

Werner Schweer added experimental support for multi-measure rests on 20 December. Multi-measure rests are an important requirement for ensemble sheet music and a frequent feature request.

[inline:multimeasure-rests.png=Screenshot of multi-measure rests in MuseScore]