OpenGoldberg score release date: May 28th

Good news! We've set the release date of the digital OpenGoldberg score on May 28th. For those who are not familiar with the OpenGoldberg project, you can learn all about it at This project has been a great way for us to push the development of MuseScore.

On the one side there was the making of the Goldberg Variations score for which Werner used the development snapshot of the upcoming MuseScore 2.0. Since typesetting this score was very challenging, Werner improved MuseScore on various aspects.

A Christmas update from MuseScore

Our last news update is already from a couple of months ago with the maintenance release of MuseScore 1.1. It has been a successful release with more than half a million downloads and counting. Something we are very proud of. Since then some of our attention has shifted to the next major release, MuseScore 2.0, to make it the best release ever. To join this effort, check out the MuseScore nightly builds and report bugs in the issue tracker. Another part of our attention went to something else, something mobile.

Finished redoing my jazz compositions (50+ of them!) in MuseScore

For anyone interested, I've just finished creating MuseScore versions of 50+ of my jazz compositions. It's something I've been working on in the background for the last few months ever since 1.1 came out, but I decided to really accelerate the process the couple of weeks.