MuseScore installed on 10,000 computers in Quebec

CSSMI, the Board of Education of La Seigneurie des Milles-îles in Canada, introduced on their blog a list of new software that became available on their computer network. Along with other free software, MuseScore was in the list as well. The blog post didn't reveal much so we contacted CSSMI to get some more details.Read more

How the Open Goldberg Variations Project is pushing MuseScore forward

There's a new update on the Open Goldberg Variations Kickstarter project detailing some of the new things coming to MuseScore as a result of the project. Werner and Thomas came to Cologne and met pianist Kimiko Ishizaka for the first time.
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Lead Sheets in MuseScore

My original lead sheet tutorial was written using MuseScore 1.0, and quite a few things have changed (for the better) between versions 1.0 and 1.1. So I have completely rewritten the tutorial to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of MuseScore 1.1. I am leaving the 1.0 version in place, however, for the benefit of people who for whatever reason are unable to upgrade. Sections in italics are sections that no longer apply to version 1.1 and later.

The new version of the tutorial is located here.

MuseScore contains all the tools needed to create great-looking lead sheets, and for the most part, the process of creating them is at least as easy as with Finale or Sibelius or any other program. However, some things can be tricky to figure out on your own. This article walks you through the process of creating a lead sheet in MuseScore, using a tune of mine in a bebop style as an example. This also serves as something of a tutorial on the process of creating good lead sheets in general.Read more

Calling for Google Summer of Code 2011

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. For the summer of 2011, the MuseScore developer team is looking for students who would like to work on MuseScore.Read more

Open Goldberg Variations - Setting Bach Free

Robert Douglass, a German horn player and MuseScore enthusiast, has a noble project he'd like to share with us. He wants to create a new score and studio recording of J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations, and place them in the public domain for everyone to own and use without limitations on licensing. Read more

New Tips and Tutorials Site for MuseScore Users

Hello fellow MuseScore users,

Just thought I'd let you know that I've started a new website: which features tutorials, articles, how-to videos and general information on getting the most out of MuseScore. I'm also going to include articles about general music notation/music publishing conventions as well as interviews with composers, songwriters, teachers and students who use MuseScore on a regular basis.

There's a free cheatsheet (list of MuseScore shortcuts and basic techniques) available for anyone who signs up to the email newsletter list.Read more

Call for updating MuseScore translations

Dear MuseScore friends,

Let me first start with wishing you all a Happy New Year. While 2010 was a tremendous year for MuseScore, 2011 will prove to be even more exciting with the release of MuseScore 1.0. If you speak another language besides English, you can help make MuseScore 1.0 the best release ever.

All the outstanding bugs for 1.0 have been fixed thanks to the work of Leon, Miwarre, David, Nicolas and Werner during the past 2 weeks. Now it's time to update the translations. Here is how you can help.Read more

The State of MuseScore

Over the past years, we have been focusing on two major aspects of the MuseScore project: adding features and make MuseScore as stable as possible. We have really come a long way. With the launch of in September 2008, things started to accelerate. It facilitated more interaction between users and developers on all levels: bug hunting, writing documentation, translating the software and much more.Read more

MuseScore is released

MuseScore bug fix release is available for download. Installation packages are available for Windows and Mac OS X. Linux users have to wait for their distribution maintainers to make a package.

If you installed the release candidate, please uninstall it and upgrade to this version.

During the past month, MuseScore development team has fixed more than 12 bugs on the MuseScore 0.9.6 code, in particular: #6775: Seg. fault by double clicking any element twice.Read more

Presenting on MuseScore at CMS/ATMI National Conference - Would Like Your Feedback

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Next Thursday, 23 September, I will be giving a presentation/demonstration on/of MuseScore at the College Music Society/Association for Technology in Music Instruction National Conference in Minneapolis, MN. I would love to hear a little bit from the community, especially those of you involved in education, on how you have used MuseScore. I welcome positive and negative feedback both. I'm especially interested in those of you who have been using MuseScore in a classroom or other educational setting. Thanks!

Gus SternemanRead more

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