Musescore 3.3.3 Release

• Nov 26, 2019 - 11:56

Today we are pleased to announce a patch update, Musescore 3.3.3. It addresses a lot of requests dedicated to the Palettes and Note Input Workflow as well as fixes dozens of bugs.

Read more about new features and improvements in a big announcement of Musescore 3.3 release

Download Musescore 3.3.3 Release

Windows 64-bit Windows 32-bit macOS 10.10 or higher Linux AppImage
(64-bit only)

MuseScore 3.3 announcement

Release notes


  • Tie button behaves as a toggle now
  • Enable changing notes duration if selecting note stem, hook or a range
  • Visual improvements for palettes
  • Mark notes that are out of instrument range with red or yellow color even when they are selected
  • Save Online is now fully synchronised with the upload page


  • Export Pdf on Mac with Muse Jazz Text was garbled and unreadable if no printers were setup on a machine
  • Entering notes with mouse failed in Italian TAB
  • Scoreview jumped back to start of score during note input on (auto)save
  • Sticking could not be copy-pasted
  • Extensions could not be installed on macOS Catalina

A full list of changes is available here.


In reply to by [DELETED] 1831606

I don't think it is, but the author only tested it there.

After a brief look at the plugin code, I don't see anything preventing use on other operating systems. It could be that you'll have to change the import QtWebEngine 1.4 to an older version of QtWebEngine (perhaps 1.0) in MuseScore 3.3.2/3 as those use Qt 5.9 again instead of 5.12

In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Sorry, can you explain it? Does that mean that the plugin does not work even on Windows computers without installing Qt? It works on mine only because I have somehow installed Qt on it? What a bummer. And I was so happy that it all worked good on the way as I designed it. Even, too good ...

Edit: if it does not work from musescore you can use it as an online tool (the link is given in the plugin description). However, it is more practical to use it from musical score in MuseScore.

In reply to by hstanekovic

On Windows currently, you need to install Qt and set things up to make your plugin use it. It would work without that extra step if you could find a way to avoid needing QtWebEngine. It’s possible a
future release of MuseScore might include that library on Windows by default. I guess it’s already installed on your system, or is needed by MuseScore on your OS and therefore comes bundled with the program.

In reply to by dmitrio95

My mistake - I did try it on Windows at well, but I accidentally downloaded the plugin to the wrong folder, that's why it wasn't appearing the Plugin Manager list for me (same symptom as Linux). I hadn't actually tried the workaround on Windows or I'd have discovered the error sooner.

So based my own evidence, it works on Windows, fails on Linux (using the AppImage) due to the missing library.

To be honest, I preferred the UI in Musescore 2. Some of the other new features are handy, especially the automatic score alignment, but I feel like the UI has taken a bit of a step backwards.
Especially for the mixer.
In Musescore 3.3.3 you can't even view the entire mixer at once. It won't let you shrink it enough for it to actually fit on the screen, unless you close the tab at the top which has most of the useful features in it.
There are other little things as well, like all of the UI elements taking up more space, but the mixer is the biggest issue. The new mixing-desk slider interface looks cool but is way too bulky and cumbersome. Untitled.png

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