New features in the nightly builds

As the result of a quick reunion in Germany together with Werner and Thomas, several new features have been merged into master and so now appears in nightly builds. First, a selfie or it didn't happen.

Team meetup in Germany

There were 67 open pull requests two days ago. We merged 29, and closed or sorted for later several others. Most of the PR were about bug fixes but some implements new features. While we are into numbers, MuseScore has been written

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MuseScore 2.0.2 is released

Continuing our commitment to keep improving MuseScore and to provide timely updates, today we announce the availability of MuseScore 2.0.2, our best and most stable release to date!

This release, like 2.0.1 before it, focuses primarily on stability, with over 100 more bugs fixed. But we couldn't resist making a few additional enhancements!

New Features

  • Playback of trills and other ornaments as well as glissandi and bends, with controls to customize or
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Announcing "Mastering MuseScore," the definitive guide to MuseScore 2

Back in February, Thomas announced a plan for documentation for MuseScore 2 that included a new book I was writing. As you may have seen if you subscribe to the MuseScore newsletter , this book, entitled Mastering MuseScore , is now available for sale !

Please excuse the commercial annnouncement, but I hope you will be as excited about this as I am.

As most of you know, the online Handbook that has provided the core of the documentation for

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MuseScore 2.0 Release Candidate

Today, we are announcing the release of the MuseScore 2.0 "Release Candidate". A release candidate means that we have done everything we plan to do for the 2.0 release, but we are welcoming one final round of testing to be sure we have not forgotten anything. Assuming all goes well, there will be a final official release of MuseScore 2.0 on March 24 that will be identical to this release candidate except for updated translations (see below). At that point,

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Documentation for MuseScore 2.0

From our first MuseScore users survey back in 2013, we learnt that the number one request was more and better documentation. In the meantime, as we were packing great new features into MuseScore 2.0, the need for good documentation would become even more necessary. So with the 2.0 release nearing, let's check what the state is of the documentation and what we can still do in the weeks to come.

Written documentation

First there is the 2.0 handbook which

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MuseScore 2.0 release schedule

With all the blocking issues being addressed and the plethora of other bugs fixed since beta 2, we have now set a release date for MuseScore 2.0!

* March 12th 13th: 2.0 Release Candidate (RC) for Windows and Mac
* March 24th: Final MuseScore 2.0 release for all platforms

So what will happen between now and the release date:
* Translating the MuseScore interface
* Reviewing and improving the 2.0 handbook
* Create a press release and prepare for

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MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2 Released!

Just in time for Christmas, we are happy to present to you MuseScore 2.0 Beta 2. This beta release includes hundreds of bug fixes and other improvements made as a result of feedback from users of the Beta 1 release and subsequently nightly builds. There are even a few new features that have been added during these last few months. See below for more information on what’s changed.


The official release of MuseScore 2.0 is still yet to

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Wrapping up Google Summer of Code 2014

To wrap up this GSoC season, Google traditionally invites 2 mentors per project for a Google Summer of Code Summit in Mountain View. This year, it was the 10th anniversary so it was special. Google invited mentors and students, even organising a lottery to get more people in. The event was not taking place at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View but at the Marriott San José, spanning over 3 days. The reunion schedule was packed.

Meeting IRL


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