Change "note head" to "notehead" in UI

• Mar 2, 2016 - 00:58
Reported version
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Recalling Barline or bar line? , we have a very similar inconsistency, highlighted at Noteheads in the Handbook. I'd like to correct this.


The UI itself uses "note head" consistently from what I can see, and I think this is probably best, since there are places where we use "head" alone (eg, "Head group", "Head type", and "Mirror head" in Inspector). Is there somewhere you see it being shown as "notehead"? Maybe just the Handbook?

It seems there are two places "note head" is used in the UI (palette title and edit drumset dialog), plus one more in the shortcuts list, and never "notehead." But "notehead" is used exclusively in not just MuseScore's documentation, but also Finale's and Sibelius's (and presumably also everywhere in their respective software, but they don't have searchable source code).

The discussion on StackExchange wasn't very thorough. No one bothered to notice the New Harvard Dictionary of Music using "note head", or LilyPond using it, or the Sonata music font using it, for instance. There really is a pretty strong precedent both ways. Not that there is anything *wrong* with changing which of the two valid spellings we use, but it is important to realize they really *are* both valid, so it's not a question of correcting an error in the code. More like, modifying the code to be consistent with the errors made during documentation, which is a bit weaker of a justification for creating extra work. Still, with a complete PR in place, and buy in from the translators, I have no problems with it.