Make vertical/horizontal scrolling be a score setting, not global preference

• Mar 2, 2016 - 19:23
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: a6ec8aa

As per discussion in, I propose we make the vertical/horizontal scrolling option be score-specific, much like Page versus Continuous view, as there are some scores you might like to scroll horizontally (eg, large ensemble scores of one system per page) while others you want to scroll vertically (eg, individual parts / solo music / lead sheets, with many systems per page).


It would be kind of awkward though since things in the View menu are not normally score-specific or saved with the score, and that's the real key here.

What? Several things in the View menu are score-specific and saved with the score. In particular, the last four before Full Screen.

Perhaps MuseScore could work out the best option automatically and there would be no need for any kind of global or score-specific preference. If the score has one system per page then scroll horizontally, if there is more than one system then scroll vertically.

Edit: or maybe this "automatic" behaviour could be a new preference. i.e. the choices would be "Vertical", "Horizontal" or "Automatic".

I thought of that, but the number of systems per page is not really a constant. It can change from page to page, change as lyrics are added, empty staves hidden, etc.