Move objects with arrow keys?

• Apr 21, 2011 - 23:01
S5 - Suggestion

For those of us who don't have fine control over the mouse, or who just prefer the keyboard, it'd be very helpful if we could select items (dynamics and other symbols; 1st/2nd ending lines, etc.) and adjust their spacing by pressing the arrow keys.

Holding Ctrl and pressing arrow keys could also move the object farther. This is standard behavior in most apps with free positioning of created objects.


The ability to move objects with the arrows is implemented in the development builds (ie, will be there in 2.0). This includes the ability to control granularity with Ctrl. Currently, only for one object at a time as far as direct movement via cursor goes, but with multiple items selected, you can use the Inspector to move them all at once. The spin box allows precise control, but currently cannot be operated with the keyboard when multiple items are selected. So while things are much better, there is still room for improvement.