Priorities for 1.1?

• May 3, 2011 - 19:16

My understanding is that most of the development work on MuseScore for the last few months has been focused on the next *major* release (presumably to be called 2.0). But I know there is also the possibility of a minor release between now and then (presumably to be called 1.1 or maybe 1.0.1) to fix any especially major or critical bugs in 1.0. I gather that the way the source is structured, fixing a bug for 2.0 doesn't automatically fix it for 1.1 - the fix has to be reapplied manually, and in some cases, would probably need to be fixed differently. So I expect that only the most important bugs are likely to be fixed.

On those assumptions, and because I was asked to, I'm listing my own personal "hit list" here. I'm thinking others might want to do the same. I'm also thinking that it would be most productive if things listed here were actual issues from the issue tracker, but that's just my own advice.

The priorities I'm giving these are not necessarily those in the tracker, but they are my own current prioritization:


#5900: Courtesy accidentals lost in transposition
#9329: accidental not displayed after tie


#3811: Glissando incorrectly presented over line break
#9390: clef change not displayed after multimeasure rest


#9338: chordname scrolls offscreen
#4526: Adding ties to chords (0.9.4 regression)
#9340: wrong tie direction on chords
#9336: rests should adjust position for multiple voices
#9337: rests should adjust position for beams
#9342: repeat entry doesn't scroll display
#9355: invisible rests affect stems in other voices
#6649: Transposition when creating a score from a template

While I realize that new features are not likely, these would be the most valuable in my opinion:

#9353: request Tab in chord entry mode to move to next beat (please please please!)
#8924: Add native support for slash notation (not necessarily using the particular method suggested, but *some* method of entering rhythmic notation directly)
#9351: non-transposing key signatures
#9358: adding mid-score key signature should affect all staves by default (already in trunk)

I deliberately held off on listing anything relating to text handling, since I know that has changed very significantly (and in a non-compatible way) in 2.0. I realize that any fixes for 1.0 would be totally new work that would then be thrown away. But in an ideal world, there would be a number of text-related changes (already mostly present in 2.0) I'd like to see that I would hope wouldn't be *too* problematic:

#9330: Dynamics position in text style ignored
#9333: title text style - alignment cannot be changed
#9335: chordname text property edit produces wrong results
#9350: separate above/below settings for staff/system text styles
#9755: set default size for coda & other symbols


What about
when I (or you) start a midi, Musescore shows the notes in the simplest key possible, but with lots of double flats and double sharps. To fix this I would always have to transpose the music up a major second then down the same way, Without usiing double flats and sharps by pressing the "no double sharps or double flats in key signature" the second time.

When I play the Accordian, the sound is alway too flat or too sharp.

Can these be fixed?

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Would probably help if you submitted an issue for this in the tracker, with a sample file to demonstrate the problem. I know MIDI import isn't perfect, but what you're describing shouldn't happen very often.

As for the sound of the accordian, that wouldn't be a MuseScore issue per se, but rather with whatever soundfont you are using. If it's the default soundfont shipped with MuseScore, then that's definitely worth submitting as an issue.

But again, the point of this thread isn't to list every possible bug or potential enhancement - there is already an issue tracker for that. The point of this thread is to help *prioritize* which of the known issues are the most important to fix in a special minor release.

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