Adding ties to chords (0.9.4 regression)

• Feb 14, 2010 - 11:05
S4 - Minor

There is an issue in 0.9.5 when adding ties whilst in Note Input mode. This shows in particular when adding ties between chords.

Scenario 1: A single note G to be tied to a following note G of a simple G - B chord. Select the single G and enter Note Input mode (this is slightly artificial in this way but it kept tripping me up when writing). Press or select + to add a tie. The tie is not entered and the G is stepped over. Press or select + again and the tie is entered but the B is deleted.

Curiously, if the first G in the scenario above is the first note of the piece, then nothing happens.

Scenario 2: Same as above, but both notes to be tied have chord notes. In this case when + is selected the first time the chord notes are deleted. This probably gives a clue as to why the first press of + above steps over the note.


Whether or not new facilities are added, the original bug should be fixed. It seems to be the same one I might describe as follows:

1. enter a pitch, hit key to create tie
2. go back and add a pitch to first chord, enter another tie
Result: first tie is deleted. Also, no way to select multiple notes and create a tie for all at once. Only way to get ties on whole chord is to manually create both chords then tie notes one at a time.

The fix in trunk introduced some side effect. It's not possible anymore to add notes to a chord with Shift + notename.

I ported the fix (hopefully without the side effect...) in the branch. Thanks !

This must have been fixed somewhere between 4305 and 4348 because I can add notes using shift into a chord in the nightly 4348.