The git version of mscore (mscore-2.1.0 unstable) has problems with some score (page 1 page 2 are invisible!)

• Apr 18, 2016 - 13:30
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'm running mscore-2.1.0 compiled on Fedora24-64bit. Problems:

1. There is an attached score, and page 1 and page2 seem to be empty (not really!). If starting playback, *all* pages play, including the hidden ones!!
2. This score plays too fast (compared with mscore-2.0.2 and 2.0.2)

This behaviour only happens with mscore-2.1.0 (unstable), but not with previous mscore-2.0.2 and mscore-2.0.3.

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I could get rid from the problem with Satz-1.mscz by exporting it to xml format, then reopening the xml file (Remark: it shows 5 line breaks before the 1st line, and I don't know, wherefrom), both with the git version: it is opened without hidden pages 1 + 2.

This is a score that came from MuseScore 1.x, right? I see embeded fonts and chord symbols, neither would be in a plain 2.0 score

Thjere are also multiple and duplicate tempo texts

The System breaks seem to have been added by the XML Export and/or Import. I think they can get disabled in preferences

1. It's a while I made the last change in this score, but I don't know if that was done with mscore-1!
Remark: why should it not be possible to open a mscore-1 file with mscore-2.1? Is the only way to export to xml and then to re-open the xml?

2. I found only 2 tempo textes in the xml file, and removoving them did not change any behaviour if playing the score :-)
And additionally: If i unzipped the mscz file, and after I removed all tempo markers, the score still plays very fast!

I'm not saying it is or should be impossible to open MuseScore 1.x files with 2.0 or later, but it may give additional hints to know that this is the case. And I'm pretty sure it is the case here, I've converted enough of my 1.x score (and had to resort to hand editing them at times) to be pretty confident here.

The score contains a (duplicate) tempo marker which was manually moved far out of the page. The automatic vertical layout feature now tries to make room for it which results in a complete white page.

Not the case with the file in #1 though? What ever it is there opening it in 2.0.3, Ctrl+A, Ctrl-R, save, open in master and everything is fine (except for the manual offsets of several rests and the rit.). This is a MuseScore 1.1 score...

This does not work for the score in the Initial post, seems tempo texts are not selected on Ctrl+A?
There a right-click, select all similar and reset the offsets in inspector fixes it.

Well, OK, just saving that file with 2.0 indeed is sufficient (I was sure to have tried that first, apparently not so)
The file from the initial post was last saved with 2.0, but pretty surely got created in 1.x.