[trunk] Changing the Time Signature causes crash

• May 25, 2011 - 13:36
S2 - Critical

In all the last Nightly Releases, when a new signature time is inserted in a middle of a score the program crashes.


I can't consistently make it crash in 4309, but I can in 4296. However, I do something else worse in 4309...

1. Create a new 4/4 piano score and enter some notes in several bars in both staves.
2. Drop 5/4 on the second bar, treble clef, and agree to re-write (sometimes MS will crash when dropping the new time sig)
3. Undo
4. Drop 5/4 onto the second bar, treble clef, again. No re-write will be requested and the second bar (and subsequent bars with notes) now only have 4 beats. The remaning empty bars in the top will have 5 beats. Only the top stave will show, and be affected by, the time sig change but not the bass clef. It is still in 4/4.

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